Hi Folks,WELCOME to Todays Top Totals .com The place to come to learn about online sports betting and for your top totals over/under picks and predictions and insights in various sports.

Im an avid a sports fan with a major interest in the prediction of sporting events, particularly the over under or totals line.

Totals are a really fun way to get behind your team or have an entertaining wager on the final score of a game.. BUT TO BE HONEST, WE ARE OBSESSED WITH TOTALS…

If you dont know what total or over under betting is, please click the link below for a full run down.


I Started this website because I really love backing totals. Its really fun, challenging and can be very rewarding.

I also wanted a place to come that just focuses on over/under predictions and high level premium handicapping.


Trends have the place and can be useful, but handicapping the game and then comparing our line to the bookies line, is in my opinion, the way to go.

We will add more sports as the site becomes more popular. The aim here is to be the absolute best sports total, over under picks site on the net.

The specialists in total over/under betting.

This site aims to provide you with a small selection of free premium totals picks on a daily basis.

You will not find loads of picks here, just what we believe to be today’s top totals.

Enjoy the site and if you love totals like us, Im sure youll stop by daily! Cheers and good luck.

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