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Arbitrage betting, also known as Arbing, is a trading method used for betting exchanges. It typically guarantees a profit by taking into consideration the price disparities in between markets. Let’s take a look at how Arbitrage betting works and the pros and cons of Arbing. 

Arbitrage Betting

What is Arbitrage Betting?

When it comes to sports, Arbitrage betting creates a win-win situation for both outcomes. Arbitrage betting started because of all the different opinions about event outcomes. So when you place a bet for both outcomes, you are bound to win one. 

Arbitrage betting gets most of its benefits from the differences in prices between two or more markets. When you use this type of betting, you are guaranteed a profit no matter the outcome. Arbitrage betting is a prevalent form of betting for traders and bettors in the stock market. Even when it comes to sports betting, you apply the same principle with Arbitrage betting.

How does Arbitrage betting work?

Arbitrage betting is of two types, and the first one is called Odds Arbitrage and the other is called Bonus Arbitrage. Let us discuss below what it means and how it works:

Odds arbitrage: 

Bookmakers will build a margin to balance the book when the probability of a fair market is implied at adding up to 100 percent. Typically, the margin is placed at over 100 percent. So when you impose arbitrage betting, it reverses this whole process.

It allows you to exploit the discrepancies between market prices and brings down the odds below 100 percent. This favors the bettors greatly and will allow them to win no matter the outcome.

Bonus arbitrage:

This can also be called matched betting. This type of Arbitrage Betting lets all the bettors take advantage of the free bets, bonuses and incentives. It is a low-risk profit tactic that the bookmaker offers. 

This means that you have to place the bet with the bookmaker and place the same amount on the other party, allowing you to cover all the outcomes and lock the profit. You can also read up on matched betting algorithms here.

How can a bettor use Arbitrage betting?

If you are a bettor and want only steady profits while being consistent, you can go for arbitrage betting to achieve this. However, this is not a strategy for you to get a lot of money in a short period because you typically only get up to 5 percent in profit. 

For instance, even if you bet $100, there are low chances that you’ll get a $5 profit. Also, even if you do earn $5, the risks you need to consider before placing your stakes are pretty high.

When it comes to Arbitrage Betting, most of the time, you have to place various small bets rather than one big one and win even bigger money.

The good thing is that you can bet more than once a day, depending on your bankroll limit. Most people who are into Arbitrage Betting start with a few hundreds of dollars in their bankroll to be able to make 1-2 hundred in profit. 

The recommended way is to set up multiple accounts with different bookmakers since you need to have an account with a relevant bookmaker in order to be able to place bets.

Although tarns are very common and keep popping up, they also go away very quickly since a lot of people find them as an easy way to earn money in small amounts. Therefore, the key to a successful Arbitrage strategy is to react as quickly as possible whenever the opportunity pops up.

Pros and cons of Arbitrage betting


  • You have guaranteed profits no matter the result of the event as long as you know how to arb properly, there is a profit for you at any cost.
  • You can quickly become a winner bettor when you do Arbitrage Betting, especially if you are a regular bettor.
  • With it comes to Arbing, you don’t have to be an excellent handicapper to win. Even with pro bettors, successful handicapping is quite tricky, and this is why Arbing is a reasonable leeway for beginners. You don’t have to be good at handicapping. Instead, you can monitor your odds properly and act as quickly as you can when you get an opportunity.
  • There are so many Arbing opportunities available for those who want to gamble. There’s no shortage of opportunities, but since people tend to jump on them as quickly as they appear, it is good always to be alert whenever needed opportunities come up.


  • It would be best if you had a decent bankroll in order to ge to Arbitrage betting. Since these are small bets on a regular basis, sometimes even more than once a day, you’ll need more money to cover any liability.
  • There is a lack of liquidity in the Arbitrage Betting market, which can cause you to lose your money. 
  • Availability of Arbs and participating in Arbitrage betting is not accessible if you are not consistently updated about the market. They come and go so quickly that it may be impossible for some people to bet on good opportunities correctly.
  • The profits, although consistent, are in minimal amounts, so some people may not be patient enough to wait it out to see it as a successful form of betting.


Arbing typically involves you finding and taking the opportunity to exploit the differences in the odds of the bet.

You can lay and back the same outcome in any sporting event when it comes to Arbing. If you do it correctly, you are guaranteed to win regardless of the game’s outcome.

The only condition is that your lay wager needs to have lower odds than your back wager.

Softwares are very helpful when it comes to Arbitrage Betting, and you can get a better idea of which ones to arb even if the margins are lower than regular bets.

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