Baseball Over Under Predictions- 2019

Coming soon – Its alsmost upon us, another MLB season. Here at todays top totals we do quite well at predictiing the final score in Baseball games.

Baseball over under predictions are a popular subject and get alot of attention from the public.

Mainly because, they tend to make the game more fun and interesting to watch.

And for that reason many casual players will take the over in most situations.

While the over is the right call quite alot of the time, one cannot forget that the under hits statistically more often, and there are plenty of openings to take the under.

If you havent noticed already, we cap MLB and theres free plays- Just click on the nav bar- MLB total’s.

I will wait until after a few games in to the season before posting plays for many reasons.

So please do check back often if youre here early.

There are many things that go into deciding wether a game will go over or under, and we go into far more detail in the article above, but some things to note are….

Weather, bull pens, the stadium where the game is being played, the pitchers… as well as the average hits a team has etc

Pheww as you can see it can be hard work, unless you just want to guess. But many people are good guesses and that can be quite fun too.

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