Basketball Accumulator Tips – Top 10 List 2022

Basketball Accumulator Tips – Top 10 List

Accumulator bets are some of the most profitable and entertaining ways to bet on basketball.

Also known as parlays, accumulator bets allow the sports bettor to stack 2 or more betting predictions into one singular bet.

For an accumulator to be successful, each betting pick must hit.

While the chances of hitting an accumulator bet are much lower than that of a standard wager, the payouts can be massive.

The more picks a bettor stacks into an accumulator, the higher the accumulator multiplier will push the profits.

There is an art to hitting a big parlay; And while this list isn’t promising to land you your first parlay…

these 10 tips will instantly boost your accumulator betting game, giving you an edge for the next time you hit the sportsbooks.

Remember, when betting 2 teamer you only lose when 1 wins and 1 loses. If both teams won, youve saved money on 2 seperate bets, if both lose. youve also saved money. If you wouldnt bet the single dont add it to your parlay !!!

10. Don’t get greedy

The very first tip to putting together a successful basketball accumulator is to not get too greedy.

Many times, bettors who make huge basketball parlays with 10 or more bets end up hitting anywhere between 3-7 of their picks.

This always hurts as a bettor, because those winning picks could have resulted in a smaller parlay that would have hit.

It’s always more important to go with the winners instead of trying to stretch your accumulator out to as big as it can be.

While an accumulator is meant to stack a number of bets together, don’t get too out of hand when racking up your parlay picks.

9. Go with the home team when applicable

This tip does rely on a strict case-to-case, but it is important to always be aware of who the home team is in the matchup.

Many accumulators have fallen just short because of a favored team is unable to perform away from home.

When betting on the visiting team, make sure that the matchup is a very favorable one!

8. Check the injury report

There is not much worse than betting on a basketball team just to find out that their star player is out injured.

Checking the injury report comes in at number eight, but is really one of the first things that should be done when creating an accumulator.

Before adding a result to your parlay, make sure to scan the injury report to find out if your squad is missing any key players.

If some big contributors are out, think twice about betting on that team!

This tip works both ways, meaning that if a team does have a star player out with injury, it might not be a bad idea to bet against them.

7. Form matters

No matter what team you are adding to your accumulator, the way they have been playing prior to that matchup is important.

Even the best basketball teams have rough patches during the season.

This fact makes it essential to ensure that the teams you are adding to your accumulator are not going through one of these stretches.

A team who is struggling to score points and win games likely have no place on your accumulator, no matter what the odds are.

6. Use prop bets

Picking bets for a basketball accumulator doesn’t have to always be on the Over/Under, Spread, or Moneyline.

Prop bets are a popular choice of basketball bettors, as many find it easier to bet on how many points, rebounds, or assists a player will get in a game.

These unique prop bets are always useful when building a basketball accumulator.

Basketball parlays

5. Avoid trap games

When used in sports betting terms, a “trap-game” is a term used to describe a game that is just too good to be true.

A good example of a trap-game would be getting the 2016/17 Golden State Warriors at EVEN odds.

If the odds are this good, there is likely either a big player missing (refer to tip 8), or some other unusual circumstances that the bookmakers are taking into consideration.

Sportsbooks will offer these trap-games with exceptional odds, tempting bettors to do things like adding the pick to their accumulator.

Try to pick out and avoid these trap-games at all costs.

4. Mix it up with quarters & halves

It is not required for the bettor to always pick the standard Over/Under, Spread, or Moneyline bets to add to the accumulator.

Instead of always going with the full time offers, try adding quarter and half picks.

This means that instead of betting on the Over/Under, Spread, or Moneyline for the entire game, you can instead bet on the Over/Under, Spread, or Moneyline of a quarter or half.

If you think that the game will get off to a slow start, adding the UNDER 58 points for the first quarter might be a good bet to add to your parlay.

There are endless ways to incorporate these types of picks into your next basketball accumulator.

3. Spread’em out

This tip is one of the most overlooked facts about basketball accumulators.

When going for a big parlay, don’t be afraid to spread out your picks over a couple days.

There are no rules against this, and it opens up the range of games that can be added to the accumulator.

Picks that happen days, weeks, or even months apart in some circumstances can still be stacked with each other, creating endless betting opportunities for gamblers.

2. Alternate Spreads & Over/Unders

The best way to ensure some safe picks in your next basketball accumulator is to use the alternate Over/Under lines.

These lines do exactly what they sound like they do, offering lines that are alternate of the standard lines.

For example, if the sportsbook set the Lakers v. Warriors game for an NBA Over/Under line of 220, the alternate lines would allow bettors to be on any Over/Under line between 210-219 and 221-230.

This same concept applies to Spread betting as well.

With these additional options, building a winning parlay will become much more manageable.

1. Hedge-bet whenever possible

The most important skill to develop to become profitable with accumulators is the art of hedging.

Hedging your bets is betting on a result that locks in a profit for yourself.

For example, if a $100 two-team accumulator was made to win $260  with the 76ers and Rockets winning their games, both things would have to happen to take home the cash.

Let’s say that the 76ers win their game, leaving it up to the Rockets to win to finish the accumulator.

Here is where a hedge would come into play.

A hedge-bet of $100 on the opponent of the Rockets would be the move here, as it ensures a profit is going to be made.

If the Rockets win, the parlay hits for $260, but if the Rockets lose, we win our hedge bet, making us a little money on top.

While the accumulator would win more money, the hedge-bet is meant to lock in profits of all sizes.

This is just one very simple way to use the hedge-bet, but this technique is bound to make your parlay game much better.

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