Guide to Finding the Best Live Betting Algorithm 2022

Gone are the days when you had to place all your bets prior to a game and keep your fingers crossed as the match started. Live betting has enabled both betters and bookmakers to study odds and continue bets till the game ends.

It’s an exciting way of pitting the sharpest betting minds against clever bookmaking systems. And with all the information one has to keep track of, getting access to the best live betting algorithm can be a game-changer.

What is Live Betting?

To start with, let’s understand what live betting refers to exactly. Live betting is the practice of placing and accepting bets on different aspects of a sports match, even as the game is being played. The name itself refers to the live nature of the bets being placed as the game or match takes place.

There are other names you’ll come across, such as In-Game Betting, In-Running Betting, or In-Play Betting. But they all mean the same type of betting where the bets can be placed simultaneously as the game progresses.

The main challenge (and benefit too) of this type of betting is that the game’s outcome can suddenly change with a single action or event in the game.

For instance, it takes only a minute for a single goal to turn over the whole result of a soccer game. So, keeping a close watch on the game and its developments is a crucial part of placing bets.

What are Live Betting Algorithms?

Live Betting Algorithms are complex computer programs that make countless calculations and comparisons live to keep track of better odds as the game progresses.

Watching a sports match live and placing bets involves a lot of focus and concentration. Even then, it sometimes becomes impossible to keep track of every minute detail happening in the game.

On top of that, individual player statistics and game mechanics can often be overlooked by us humans when we’re fully captivated in the moment.

The best live betting algorithm services will take every detail into consideration. And the result is that you get betting options that are much more accurate and reliable than your own estimates.

How does Live Betting work in Different Sports?

Here’s a quick overview of how live betting patterns and trends work across some major sports.


Whether you’re betting live on MLS games or in European leagues like the EPL, there’s a wide range of avenues for live betting in soccer.

You can bet on anything from the total number of corner kicks to the eventual winner of the match.

The bets can also be on the number of Yellow/Red cards, the total number of goals, which team scores the last goal, etc. So, as the match progresses, you get different aspects of the game to bet on.


Live betting algorithms and sportsbooks also deal a lot with the NFL or lower tiers like college football. You’ll get to bet on basic parameters like Moneyline, point spread, total points, which player scores the next touchdown, etc.


Live betting on Major League Baseball (MLB) is another avenue where the odds are always interesting, to say the least.

You can bet on total hits, total home runs, total runs, total pitches, and even total strike-outs. Other parameters for live betting include the winning margin or even run scores by individual MLB players.

You can engage in live betting during the course of the normal season or do it during the World Series for even bigger odds.


Like Football, you get access to live betting for both the NBA as well as college games. Basketball-specific bets include point spreads on the 1st quarter or the 1st half or the total points in a particular quarter. Other than that, you can bet on conventional odds like Moneyline, total points, point spread, etc.


Whether it’s the year-round ATP matches or one of the big four Grand Slams, in-game betting is a fast and exhilarating experience with tennis.

Traditional bets like the match winner (Moneyline) are available. But more exciting bets like the number of aces or winner of the next point, etc., are available on every game within each set.

You can also use the algorithm to predict what the exact final score of the sets will be.


Esports is another area where live betting is quickly taking up the interest of viewers and fans alike.

As a competitive industry, esports tournaments create multi-billion dollar affairs, and live-betting is starting to occupy an important segment.

The exact nature of bets will depend on the game that’s being played. But common areas of betting include the final winner, total frags, first kill, etc., for FPS games like Call of Duty or CS: GO.

Table Tennis

Table tennis is another underrated sport where a lot of live betting takes place. Given the fast nature of the game, you get numerous areas to bet on in every round.

Also, you can still bet on who the final winner will be, the point spread or points scored in a specific set.

Choosing the Best Live Betting Algorithm

Picking the most reliable live betting algorithm can be tricky because there are tons of betting services out there. But you can still get the best one if the algorithm suits your betting style.

The good news is that there’s a new live betting algorithm that has combined some of the best features to make this possible.

It lets you place live bets on all the sports mentioned here (Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Football, Basketball, Table Tennis, Esports). And you can browse live bet sessions based on the time of day (Morning, Evening, etc.).

The algorithm has a live bot that monitors and tracks all the games currently running. And it automatically displays the most potentially profitable odds on the chart.

With sports bookies constantly making clever line movements and odd placements in live bets, you need an algorithm that can beat those odds. And this is one live betting algorithm that certainly has the potential to help you do that.