What’s The Best Site To Buy Sports Picks From 2022?

What is the best website to buy picks from ?

Betting on sports can be difficult.

The most common statistic that ventilates through the sports betting communities is that only about 1%-2% of those who bet on sports end up making a profit.

While this might not be exactly true, it’s probably not far off either.

It’s true that profiting from betting on sports can be difficult, so how do those who are successful do it?

There are many methods out there that claim to be able to make you the big bucks fast and easy.

You will see this services offered on websites and even social media accounts, all promising to turn your passion for sports into an income stream, but are they reliable?

Today, we look at the in’s and out’s of buying picks, and point you towards some of the exceptional services that stood out in the sports betting industry.

Buying Sports Betting Picks 101

The process of buying and selling picks online is growing like wildfire, and the reason as to why is very simple formula of supply and demand.

First off, everyone and their sister has sports betting picks, and everyone who bets on sports is in search of an easy way to win.

The result is dozens of pick selling outlets shoot up on the internet, all claiming to be able to easily win you sports bets.

Some of these sellers claim to be specialized in a specific sport, while others say that their secret formula can be profitable in any sport.

Many accounts claim many things, but it is very difficult to deem these claims as true or false.

The fact of the matter is that it is easy to sell picks, and it’s easy to make yourself look like a professional bettor online or on twitter.

Sometimes, it is better to simply learn the ropes yourself.

The money that bettors are willing to invest in others’ picks could be used to learn more about sports betting or used to make their own picks to gain first-hand knowledge.

This is not to say that there are no reputable sites out there (in fact, we found a few), but it is difficult and often not worth the time or money to test out these different pick selling sites in search of a trustworthy destination. 

What to look for when buying picks

If you do decide to go the route of buying picks online, there are some ground rules to learn before you go spending your money on sports betting picks.

There are too many sellers out there, so before you buy, run the seller through this list of good signs and bad signs to see if they would pass our standards.

The good signs

  • Transparency

The number one positive sign to find in a pick seller or pick selling company is transparency.

This means that they show you all of their picks whether they lose or not.

Transparency allows customers like you and me to be able to separate the honest pick sellers from those who are after a quick buck.

  • REAL testimonies

This one is pretty straightforward, but please make sure that the website you are planning on working with has been vetted and experienced by others before you.

The reviews of a product or website will tell you a lot about the product immediately.

If you find some inconsistencies or questionable detains in the testimonials, the warning signs should start going off on that company, site, or seller.

Look for real people talking about their actual experience with the company.

Fair pricing and customer service

Just because these pick sellers are conducting business in the sports betting industry does NOT mean that your customer rights should be given up.

Make sure to look for a company or seller who has fair prices for the amount of picks given.

For 100+ picks a month, we estimate that a price range of $100-$350 is a reasonable expectation;

But don’t just settle for the cheapest price either! Although they are hard to come by, there are pick sellers out there who have exceptional customer service,

and are willing to work with customers when they run into problems with picks, payments, or other issues.

The bad signs

  • Sketchy business practices / heavily mixed reviews

 If you witness or read about others witnessing sketchy behavior from an online pick seller, be very wary;

Because in this industry, if there is smoke, there is likely going to be a fire.

With little to no customer recourse for a deal gone bad, each payment sent to an online pick seller is a risk.

With that understood, make sure that you will be able to get what you paid for before sending your payment.

  • No website, terms and conditions, etc

While there are some decent pick sellers out there on twitter, we believe that this level of business should be handled away from social media platforms.

If it’s quality that you’re looking for, don’t settle for the pick seller who is lacking a marketplace.

Instead, find a stable, reassuring website that is filled with characteristics “the good signs” above.

When dealing with an experienced and quality pick seller, your transactions should be safe, secure, and professional. 

  • Rip-off prices

One of the biggest giveaways on a possible pick selling scam is the classic rip-off prices.

While a good sports pick is very valuable, be mindful that attaining those picks should not cost more than you are going to make back on the picks.

Many of the most popular pick selling companies and sites charge customers outrageous prices that go for $500 a month or more.

While some high rollers can justify this kind of price, we believe that quality picks are out there for much less than a ridiculous price like this.

Reputable Sports Betting Picks

After understanding more about the world of selling sports betting picks, it’s time to choose which seller you are going to go with.

To make things easier, we conducted research on a number of the top rated sports pick selling sites.

Our research led to the conclusion that the Zcode Betting System checked all of our boxes when looking for a trustworthy and proven site.

This decision was not difficult, as the Zcode has proven itself as a reputable, established pick selling entity that is both exceptionally experienced and consistent in performance.

If you sign up for Zcode, you receive picks automatically every day.

These picks are made by professional bettors who are experienced in this niche.

Unlike a hustling go-getter selling you his best guess of betting picks for a PayPal exchange,

Zcode picks are backed up by programmers and algorithms that run 10,000+ game simulations that take 80+ influential variables into consideration for each prediction.

Zcode is not just picks either.

Each Zcode member will have access to professional sports betting tools and to a community of exceptional sports bettors.

Zcode is changing the sports betting game by going far beyond simply offering picks.

For more info about the Zcode system, check out our review of this revolutionary system here.