Best Sportsbook for NBA Props 2022!

The 2021-2022 NBA season is underway, and sports bettors worldwide are betting on NBA props.

With star power like LeBron James, James Harden, and Luka Doncic setting the league on fire already, the time is now to place your bets on the latest NBA props.

To get in the game, we have searched far and wide for the best online sportsbook for those who are looking to bet on NBA props.

In this list, we chose only the most unique and useful characteristics of each online sportsbook.

All of these sportsbooks share the following characteristics :

Easy withdraws and deposits

All of the sportsbooks that made our lineup are simple to use and have the quickest withdrawals, and deposits making it easy to get started.

These sites all accept deposits via credit/debit card, wire transfers, and/or cryptocurrencies, and users are able to withdraw via wire transfer, mailed check, and/or cryptocurrency.

Signup bonuses

With each of the online sportsbooks on our list, new members will receive a unique and valuable signup bonus.

These bonuses will vary for each site, but all are guaranteed to give you a boost when you deposit money for the first time.

  • Few withdraw limits

High rollers are welcome at all of the online sportsbooks in our countdown.

All sportsbooks that made our list have large withdrawal limits, which will be good news for those who are looking to cash in big.

  • Trustworthy brand names with reliable customer service  

All of the sites mentioned are dependable and worthy of your trust.

These online sportsbooks are all highly rated and will be ideal for bettors in the US who are looking for a reliable online bookie.


Starting our list of the best sites to use for NBA prop betting is

Bovada is one of the most used online sportsbooks out there, and for good reason.

With a clean, functional interface that is easy to use and navigate, is the go-to for many beginner bettors because of the quality service and trusted reputation.

We take a deeper look into and tell you exactly why it is considered one of the best online sportsbooks for betting NBA props.


  • Covers the basics checks all the boxes when looking for a safe and reliable online bookie to start betting on NBA props.

NBA betting lines on Bovada will give users a respectable selection of NBA prop bets on a quality online sportsbook. users will be able to place wagers on certain stats and exotic prop bets in an NBA game, such as the number of points, rebounds, or assists a player has in a game.

Parlay props is unique in the fact that it will allow users to tie a couple of prop bets together to make a parlay.

While this may sound simple, some online bookies will not let users create NBA prop parlay bets.

Players won’t have to worry about that when betting NBA props with Bovada.


  • Limited line selections

While is one of the more consistent online bookies when it comes to NBA prop bets, they do not offer a wide range of NBA prop bets for every game.

Typically, Bovada will offer NBA props on the biggest and most popular NBA games, but will not offer many or any prop bets on the smaller, less popular matchups.

This can be tedious to those who are looking to bet NBA props on a wide range of games.

2. 5Dimes

Coming in at number two on our list of best online sportsbooks for NBA prop betting is

5Dimes is the sportsbook of choice for many experienced bettors because of the simple format and setup that they present to users. 

5Dimes has gained a reputation for being a “step-up” from beginner online sportsbooks due to the more competitive line pricing and the wide range of betting options.

Let’s dive a little deeper to look at the pros and cons of 5Dimes.


  • Advanced prop bet selections

5Dimes is the perfect sportsbook for those looking for a wide range of NBA prop bets.

5Dimes goes farther than just covering the basic prop bets by offering bettors lines on many additional statistics that can’t be found on other online bookie sites.

5Dimes gets more in-depth with NBA prop bets, opening up countless NBA prop betting opportunities for users by giving them lines on more players and more stats than your typical online sportsbook..


  • Prop bet release time

One of the only negatives that we could find on was the timing that was used to release the prop bet lines. prop bets are released just 30-90 minutes before each game, giving users a fairly small window in which to get bets in.

This limited-time is considered negative by some bettors. is a well trusted and established online sportsbook that has risen to the top of the rankings, and we believe that this site is truly the king of NBA prop betting.

Betonline has been present in the betting scene since 1991 and has been highly rated by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.

Let’s take a look at what sets apart when it comes to betting on NBA props.


  • Prop betting options is considered the cream of the crop because of the wide prop betting options.

There is no online sportsbook that offers the statistical betting odds that are offered by

For example, many sites will offer over/under scoring lines for many of the players, but this same website would not offer odds on other stats, such as shot attempts, free throw attempts, three point shots made, blocks, and much more.

Prop line pricing

When comparing the odds for prop bets, has the best and most fair line pricing out there.

Typically, will offer (-108) odds on something that their competitor will offer (-110) odds.

This small difference represents a big difference when calculating for a large volume of prop bets.

Prop line pricing is important to consider when betting NBA props, and has the best prop line prices!

Line time release

 Prop bets are unique in the fact that they cannot be bet on long in advance before the event.

Prop bets are set relatively close to the start time of an NBA game, making them tricky to bet on as there is not as much time to research these bets. releases its NBA prop betting lines hours earlier than most other websites on this list, making their prop betting release time one of their strongest suits.


  • No Cons

When it comes to NBA prop bets, there are no standout negatives about betting with

The most prop bet selections, the earliest line releases on average, and the best odds on each line, what is there to complain about prop betting with