College Football Game Predictor

College football game predictor software Football matches are well known to be an “edge of the seat’ kind of game. When it comes to sports bettors, a football match is an exciting match to place bets on. But with the uncertainty of such matches, the existence of football game predictor software is a big game-changer. … Read more

FREE Arbitrage betting algorithm and software

Arbitrage betting algorithm software Arbitrage betting, also known as Arbing, is a trading method used for betting exchanges. It typically guarantees a profit by taking into consideration the price disparities in between markets. Let’s take a look at how Arbitrage betting works and the pros and cons of Arbing.  What is Arbitrage Betting? When it … Read more

UFC Betting Algorithm and Software

UFC betting algorithm and software Sports betting is one of the most exciting ways to earn a good profit if you are gambling or like the thrill of probabilities. Currently, the sports betting industry is at an astounding 155 billion dollars. It includes all kinds of sports, among which, The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) ranks … Read more

Sports Prediction Using Machine Learning

Sports predictor using machine learning – What to know Strategically harnessed operational sports data can impact the outcome. Many organisations and teams have endorsed this new-age technique – sports prediction with machine learning. Artificial intelligence plays a significant role in this tactic where machine learning can now accurately execute new ideas or suggest real-time alternatives. … Read more

Greyhound Betting Algorithm And Software

Greyhound racing is quickly becoming a popular sport for virtual betting. Traditionally, greyhound races have been gaining worldwide attention since WW2. Regardless of the platform, greyhound races are extremely exciting to watch, which is one of the main reasons behind the fascination.  Virtual greyhound racing is nothing more than computer generated greyhound races where punters … Read more

Matched Betting Algorithm Software (2022)

How to Benefit from Matched Betting Algorithm Software Matched betting, also called double betting in some regions, is a thrifty way of covering your losses and making some profits in online betting. However, if executed with the right timing and stakes, you can earn handsome profits that are guaranteed based on your wagers. The right matched … Read more

NHL Betting Prediction Algorithm

Best NHL Betting Algorithms and Software Available Today The NHL’s regular season offers more than 1,200 games that pundits and bookmakers watch closely. The avenue for profitable betting is large and wide, given the number of games and players involved. However, traditional betting strategies are proving to be time-consuming and laborious. Fortunately, there is a wide … Read more

Learn How Kelly Criterion Staking Betting Algorithm Works

The Kelly Criterion is essentially a staking strategy that helps determine the optimum amount to wager for maximum returns. The Kelly Criterion staking betting algorithm/strategy has been around since 1956 when John .L. Kelly Jr. first created it. However, it only entered mainstream application in investment and betting during the 2000s. As a betting plan, … Read more

College Basketball Prediction Algorithm

College basketball prediction algorithm College basketball prediction algorithms work to help predict the winner of any match. As long as your data input is correct, your answer will be accurate. These kinds of algorithms are beneficial for professional bettors or bettors who want to go professional and possibly even become Sharps in the sports betting … Read more