Best Dutch Odds Matcher US Breakthrough Calculator

Worlds only Dutch Odds Matcher Sportsbooks calculator tool. Which has finally emerged from the depths of the internet.

worlds first dutch odds matcher calculator?
Dutch Odds Matcher US

After years of waiting bettors have been looking for an odds matcher tool available for the US and Canada markets.

I’ve personally never seen one, so this find is immense. So much that it will change the way betters bag free bonuses!

The Dutch Odds Matcher US Software Tool

Dutch Odds Matching is a practice where you bet on 2 different sports books. One team to win and the other to lose, on the opposite sportsbook.

Being able to carefully match odds of a game you can then turn the free bets in to money (matched betting). This was originally done by people in the UK for the UK market.

There are a lot of these tools available only for the UK market. A popular place to bag bonuses and manipulate Sportsbooks into giving away free money (through free bets).

As Sportsbooks betting online is pretty new in the US and CA there were no options available for this type of tool.

The Dutch Odds Matcher US Tool

Profit Gateway Dutch Odds Matcher US and CA Software Tool

These guys are the first and original creators, i’ve never seen this tool anywhere. Not even on the most savvy sports picks forums. Not even on reddit, it cannot be found! I’ll show you how to use it in just a second.

There are lots of great Sportsbooks picks tools and software online, however this is the only one which allows you to make money every time as it is a bonus bagging tool.

Profit Gateway guys are awesome, it looks like you need to pay to get in which you can do so here.

How to use the Dutch Odds Matcher Tool

Using these kinds of tools are super easy, you just load up the page and it displays results using a smart algorithm. We can then copy those numbers and place bets to unlock free bets. However maybe you simply want to match bets as close as you can across different Sportsbooks.

35+ US and Canadian Sportsbooks

Over 35 US & CA Sportsbooks supported and ready to view. I also got access to live matched odds across multiple Sportsbooks in real time.

dutch odds matcher sportsbooks selection top 50
Dutch Odds Matcher Selection

Compare Multiple SportsBooks Odds

The dutch odds matcher calculator tool allows me to choose which sites you want to compare together.

dutch odds matcher compare sportsbooks
Dutch Odds Matcher Sportsbooks Multi Selection

I can choose from 35+ US and CA Sportsbooks. All major Sportsbooks appear to be supported which is awesome. After checking the odds are correct on the websites I also found that they were 100% accurate.

Dutch Odds Matcher Market Bet Type Filter

The most incredible function of this tool is that you can choose which markets to compare.

sportsbooks market tool
Dutch Odds Matcher Market Filter

Choose from different markets and filter out easily for what you want. I think this is an incredible tool and an asset in the industry moving forward.

Dutch Odds Matcher Percentage Rating Filter

The Odds Match calculates the best result and displays a %.

dutch odds matcher us calculator rating
Dutch Odds Matcher % Calculation

Easily control the data you see and get the closest game match across Sportsbooks. Personally this has saved me a lot of time with my matched betting in the US.

Well worth the money as I’ve made around $8000 out of this so far and I’ve only been going a few weeks. Highly recommended tool, 10 out of 10!

Why are they so hard to come by?

These Sportsbooks tools, such as dutch odds matchers. They are only popular in the UK at the moment. Since US & Canadian citizens have only just been able to place bets. On Sportsbooks online sites in recent years, there hasn’t been an awful lot of “pro betting tools” development.

As it’s a fairly new market, there are less people who are skilled developers and super bettors. Not many forums are around compared to the rest of the betting world.

One decent source of information is actually a Reddit thread which has some really good tools in there. However they are not up to date with the latest matched betting trends in the US. There are zero dutch odds matcher tools available for the US and CA, apart from Profit Gateway’s algorithm software.

Other Quality Tools

There are still plenty of other good tools out there as I have previously posted about in my blog.

One of the best would be matched betting article which i cover about this topic a lot more in depth. You can also get a free trial of Profit Gateway’s dutch odds matcher calculator by visiting their website.

I hope you enjoyed this article and tool. You can really have success with matching bets and turning them into free cash. I’ve been doing it in the UK for years and its super profitable in the USA and Canada since its been legal there.

sportsbooks betting calculator tool

What Does Future Look Like For Matched Bettors Across The World?

After seeing recent updates to Profit Gateway’s calculator & system. It looks like they are expanding to Australia and Europe. Currently only available for legal to Sportsbet online states in US and Canada.

It looks like this method is becoming more popular as it spreads. Currently the most saturated in the UK with over 100K matched bettors.

Most people make between £1000-3000 per month in the UK, with a slightly different method.

Big Sportsbooks states like New York, New Jersey and Canada’s Ontario are making around $2500-10K+ from matched betting free bets.

I am new on the US and Canada matched betting journey. I must say its a really cool loophole and works every time!

Potential in Australia to make the same amount if not more as Sportsbooks offers there are just as good as the US and CA.

Stay Up To Date With Dutch Odds Matcher Tools and Software

Stay up to date with the latest matched betting trends and tools. You can do this by following my blog or joining the telegram group of matched bettors in the US and CA.

Let us know in the comments your thoughts on this. We would love to hear what others have to say, as this really is a breakthrough tool.