Free Sports Prediction Software?

Barry was a bit sweaty, his heart was beating with excitement – He KNEW the team in question was going to win. They just had to. This was the LOCK of ALL Locks he thought.

He eagerly staked his bet into his online book bet slip – it showed a potentially huge return… and by god did it look good. Just imagine he thought.

Just one more click and the big bet was confirmed, he was just dreaming of what he could do with all the money. Barry pressed and the bet was confirmed.

Barry paced up and down the hall like an expecting father, eagerly anticipating the final whistle.

YEAH !!!!, it won! Barry was right and he was over the moon…

He won his next 2 bets as well and thought he would try just one more big press. It lost.

Long story short Barry eventually lost his cash to the books.

There is a saying – a gambler always losers his biggest bet.

Most of us have been there done that. And while it can be fun, if you’ve got the money to lose, it certainly isn’t a good long term strategy.

As I’ve written about this topic more than once, this won’t be a particularly long post. I’ve tried to articulate my reasoning as to why Free sports prediction software may or may not be worth your time… You can check that post out here

I think it’s important that folks realize there is no such thing as a free lunch and to keep expected outcomes of such software realistic.

With that being said, how could a computer program that is unemotional and mathematically accurate NOT be a good thing when trying to predict sporting outcomes?

And again I must say, if people put as much effort into there money management as they did their predictions… they’d be far better off.

Poor money management will always result in landing back on square one. The bookies are counting on player greed.

Of course with anything its important to try things before you buy. That’s why buying picks directly seems so spammy. There is no such thing as a LOCK. The sooner you realize that the better.

You may say “Yes there is, I bet a winner yesterday and I KNEW it would win.

Well, no you didn’t. You ain’t no wizard. You hoped… you hoped and you were right.

Don’t get me wrong, there may have been handicapping skill involved but all advanced cappers know a loss its just a bad umpire call away.

That’s why the BLOWOUT WINNER Sales pitch works so well. Don’t be fooled.

There are some Betting tools that come in handy and just make a sports investor’s life easier. No Hype…

Just tools that do the math and allow a rational bettor to make a well-informed decision… and with that hopefully an R.O.I over the long term. Check out the z code sports system review here