Half Time over/under Method Review – Does It Work ?

What Is The Half Time Method ?

The Half time method is a betting system based on the ability to place wagers at half time if the first half bet didnt go as planned.

Which isnt very often based on the odds and nature of the first wager.

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What Sport Does The Half Time Method Work On ?

Its primarily used on the English Premier Leauge Soccer.

Which is the specialist sport for the founder of the system.

How Much Could I make or Lose using this method ?

This all depends on how much you wager per bet.

Your starting bankroll and risk tolerance.

Everything is laid out in a very clear easy to understand way, so theres no guess work.

How do you get the information ?

All info is sent by email. so its really easy to access, read and hit reply if you have any questions.

Where are the previous results ?

Well, there are some results on the sales page for this method, but not all results can be released obviously as it gives away the method.

The good thing about this method is that its run on the clickbank platform, which means if the system isnt for you, you get a 60 day money back guarantee.

So,its really a no brainer. Click here to check it out

I plan to start to use the system with small bets to test if it works and then increase if things look good.

I think if youre on the fence about this method, its probably worth a shot using small wagers first.

Afterall, you can get a refund within 60 days if you dont like it.

Do we have to make bets every single day ?

Nope. Not everyday has games for this method.

Can we use this method for other sports ?

No. The founder of the system clearly states its only been tested in football (soccer).

One of the things you must keep in mind for this method, is that you must be ready to make wagers at half time.

This means for 1, your book must accept half time bets and allow you to make them.

2, you are free to make the bet, and not tied up doing something else.

Are there any downside risks to the half time method?

Yes. As with anything to do with betting, besides match betting and hedging, there is risk.

But with this system its mitigated and low.

The risk is still there however.

This is why I advise to use small wagers first to test the system for while.

Just remember, that progressive betting is always risky, but with risk can come reward. Just dont bet the farm on it.

If it doesnt workout for you, you can always get a refund.

DISCLAIMER – If you enjoy testing systems like I do, and have your money management under control, you may enjoy the method above. If you are desperate and looking for a get rich quick scheme, I dont recommend betting your hard earned money!!!

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