Is There A Sports Betting Discord?

Is There A Sports Betting Discord?

The number 1 Sports Betting Discord is Profit Gateway. But are there others, let’s find out!

sports betting discord
*Sports Betting Discord Channels

What is a Sports Betting Discord channel?

Like many other Discord channels, Sports Betting falls in the same category as gaming. So it’s more than likely to be a popular place for punters! As Sportsbetting is in the entertainment / gambling category, it can also be seen as gaming.

For all the punters and the pro’s, we’ve done a bit of digging here at Todays Top Totals. Now you know what a Sports betting Discord channel is let us move on to find out what’s in store for you today.

The Main Factors Considered

When studying this subject, I learned an awful lot about the demands in sports betting. In a nut shell Sports betting is Entertainment.

So which discord channels have the most engagement and which are the most beneficial for winning bets. With that being considered here is the 3 best Sports betting discords.

We also have taken a look at the quality of the channels. Will they continue to be moderated, will scammers be kicked? After brief conversations with the owners of some channels, I was able to find out how these things are dealt with.

Apart from all that aside, the main reason to join them and thats to win money. Lets take a look at how thats being done around the web.

The Number 1 Sports Betting Discord Channel

Because we are so awesome, i’m kidding. We were able to sniff out a profit-sucking Discord Channel which, quite frankly I am really pleased I found.

Funnily enough these guys are actually “gaming” the system in an incredibly unique way. I’ve also heard of this happening in the UK. I suppose since Sports betting has become legal in many states across the US, it’s now being done in there.

sports betting discord profitgateway
*Sports betting discord channel

It seems to be a fairly small discord, almost like a cult and again i’m kidding. But I must say, these guys are doing something unheard of! Needless to say, i’m looking forward to seeing what this is all about.

If you want to make money out of free bets and this means you will not be gambling. Then Profit Gateway sports betting discord channel may be of interested.

The Second Best Sports Betting Discord Channel

Providing connection worldwide to sports betting in different countries. Sportsbooks Betting Discord has information and discussions, around the clock.

They also have a number of categories such as “Free Bets”, where members can share the latest free bets. Whatever information or tips you need, you can be sure to find it there!

sports betting discord channel
*Sports betting discord channel

Incredibly easy to use I put this one as the best well organised. For new users to navigate and get started it is excellent. This channel is super new too, as you know sports betting has only just become legal in the US.

Since the legalisation of Sports betting across the US starting in July 2019. Sportsbooks are becoming increasingly popular amongst Americans. According to Forbes in 2021 the amount of people sports betting DOUBLED!

In our previous post we talked about How Betting Odds Work 2022. There we discovered a large number of new bettors have arisen since the end of 2019.

So, who came third?

Unfortunately, we couldn’t actually find a third discord. It seems that there aren’t many at the moment, probably because Discord and Sports betting are fairly niche markets. But don’t worry yourselves, I have the next best thing, continue reading and you’ll see.

Alternative Reddit Sports Betting thread.

So guys, recently I came across an AWESOME community of people who love sports betting. I was just looking for information one day and bumped into a reddit post.

I’m learning some awesome tips and having great discussions with members. You should definitely come and join this Reddit Sports Betting Thread.

reddit and discord sports betting channels

Discord, Reddit, Twitter or wherever. You can find awesome betting communities if you do a little digging around. There is definitely some gold out there, you might just have a big win.

The thrills of sports betting have been experienced for years with many more to come. Being made widely available across the world as time goes on. Sports betting definitely isn’t going anywhere and neither are the groups, they are here to stay!

Betting Discord Strategies

I personally like to see what softwares and algorithms are available. Because I like to stay up to date with the latest trends and whats new! Easiest way to do this is by reading this blog and staying on the lookout for new releases.

If you are still looking for that golden piece to your puzzle, then perhaps you should follow this Twitter.

Remember to always be responsible when gambling.