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Yankee bet calculators can be hard to come by, lucky for you we have one right here you can use.

What Is a Yankee Bet Calculator?

A yankee bet calculator is a tool that calculates a series or multiple of bets & their outcomes. We can use a yankee bet calculator to gain an edge against the odds. We can also see our potential returns and work towards getting the results we would benefit from.

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What Is a Yankee Bet?

A Yankee bet is a multiple of bets that deliver a bigger payout when won. The Sportsbook will make it much harder to win as you have to correctly get a series of bets. But when you do get them right and win, your rewards are much higher.

Some forms of Yankee bets:

Triple Bet (three selections)
Quad Bet (four selections)
Trixie Bet (3 double bets & 1 treble bet).

In essence, any multiple bet can be classed as a “Yankee bet”. Accumulators are very popular because of the high returns awarded when won.

Other Betting Calculators

Getting an edge against the Sportsbooks has always been difficult. But with the right tools its sort of easy, which is why we are here to help.

We have a 100/1 calculator for people who struggle to understand odds and their returns. Being able to work out calculations fast will also help you with betting. Lots of you I know do live and in-play betting, so this can help a ton.

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Yankee Bet Or Parlay Bet?

Technically they are pretty much the same. They are a series of bets which will in turn pay our the player much higher. Due to the fact that the chances of your bets being correct in a series is much lower. Sportsbooks also know, that they have an edge of winning as the odds are in their favour.

The traditional Parlay bet is more of a series of “if this wins as well as” then you are returned X.

The Yankee bet can be multiples in themselves. For example you can have 3 triple bets and one double. The traditional parlay would be a series of “these bets all will happen”.

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