NFL Handicapping Software Reviews

If you are interested to find out more about NFL handicapping software, you’ve come to the right place.

You can never have too many advantages when wading into the dangerous waters of NFL Handicapping. There are so many ways to lose, so few ways to win.

Uncovering an edge in the NFL is especially hard with bookies taking so much action and using numerous methods to shape their line.

One way a smart sports investor can increase his chances of finding an edge to exploit is with a mixture of human and artificial intelligence.

NFL score predictors and other software have been around for quite a long time. And has caused Vegas more than a few headaches over the years.

From the infamous computer group of the ’80s to the current era. Sports betting software and computer picks can be worth there weight in gold.

They can also be a load of shit. That’s why it’s important to check out some reviews and maybe if take some for a test run.

The suite of tools that comes to mind is zcode software and sports investing tools. While being a little hypey on the sales front, they really do offer an amazing array of tools that would make any handicapper’s job a little easier.

What we are really after here is something to take us off a few more losers, and put us on tho a few more winners.

Expecting anything more than this is likely to disappoint. That being said, we are looking for an

edge over the long haul.

First, lets take a look at zcode array of different tools. To begin with, something near and dear to my heart… NFL Totals.

Zcode offers a totals predictor interface that allows you to run simulations of past games to get a more accurate reading of the situation.


This fantastic tool offers the ability to run simulations up to 10,000 times to generate a more accurate example of the data. Use this alongside your own handicapping to find potential edges in NFL games. The zcode sports system review

NFL Line Reversal Software Tool

Next up is the zcode line reversal tool. This Nfl software is great because it tracks the bookie’s line. This is a fantastic tool for obvious reasons.

The guys are currently running a trial deal which you can take advantage of… Its a pick trial so you can see if the system is right for you.>>> Get picks Trial