Sports Betting Lock of the Day

Real or Myth : Sports Betting Lock of the Day ? If you’ve been around sports betting for more than a week, than you’ve seen the claims that So-and-so Betting Picks have a guaranteed hitting pick that you just can’t afford to miss. Of course, this line is posted again and again by those looking … Read more

How to Pick NFL Winners?

How to Pick NFL Winners There are a number of different ways to bet on the NFL, but there is no more simple bet than picking a winner of a football game. Betting on the winner of the game is the most popular choice of most casual bettors, as it is much easier to understand … Read more

Z code system and Score Predictor Review 2021.

Zcode Betting System Review The industry of sports betting is intensely competitive whether the average sports bettor knows so or not. There is a mind-boggling amount of time and money that goes into creating the betting lines, which is what makes the sportsbooks so hard to beat. Luckily, we have found a revolutionary system that … Read more

NFL Over/Under – Predicting Scoring

Why we love playing the NFL Over/Under ? The excitement factor is merely one reason. This article will go into detail and look at many factors that make a NFL game in 2021 high or low scoring going over or under. The National Football League of past generations was geared upon tough defense and a … Read more

What does it mean to “cover” in sports betting?

Sports betting spreads explained The world of sports betting can be confusing to beginners, especially when the words that sports bettors typically use have a tendency to complicate things even more. When betting on the spread, the word “cover” will be used a lot. When referring to a team “covering” the spread, this means one … Read more