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Free Parlay Calculator

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Looking for more free parlay calculators? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve got three of them here for you, each with their own pros & cons.

Sportsbook Scout’s Free Parlay Calculator

My favourite go to calculator is easy to use & has the most important functions.

There are many places you can find similar tools, but same your time and energy!

parlay calculator option
Parlay Calculator Options

SportsbooksScout’s Parlay calculator, is amongst one of the top 5 free parlay calculator tools I use for betting. They have a ton of free calculators which are extremely useful. Personally I feel that the best feature is the leg push.

Making it incredibly easy to use, simple but effective. Free for all, so you don’t have to pay, great tool for beating the Sportsbooks.

AceOdds Parlay Calculator

Aceodds have a super cool odds calculator. Which is also free to use, they have been around for a long time and I enjoy using the tools provided.

Not only do they have calculators such as parlay odds, Aceodds also have many more.

aceodds free parlay calculator
AceOdds Free Parlay Calculator

AceOdds Parlay Odds Calculator allows up to #20 bets and you can select the odds format too.

These are American, Fraction & Decimal odds. Very nice layout with again, like Sportsbookscouts’s calculator, again minimal design look awesome.

Simple and easy, just like the rest of them. Reliable with thousands of daily visits i think its a good option. The only parlay odds calculator I’ve seen that does 20 different bets.

Vsin Simple Calculator

The third calculator we are discussing is

Vsin Parlay Calculator
Vsin Free Parlay Odds Tool

The most minimal Parlay Odds Calculator available on the internet. Free to use for anybody, if you want a simple Parlay bet then this calculator is more for you!

Which Ones The Best?

The best free calculator has to be Aceodds. They have the most features and the best design, making it easy to navigate. Aceodds also give you the probability and changing the odds format is really helpful for different countries.

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Since 2022 Profit Gateway has been offering tools which “Guarantee” a bettor to make money every time. Hedging offers given by Sportsbooks in the US & Canada. Not quite a Parlay Odds Calculator, however a guaranteed modest amount. Most people making around $200-$1000 daily from these bets, its pretty insane.

The most powerful thing about Profit Gateway is the Dutch odds matcher tool. Which enables you to find a game, bet on it and turn the free bet into cash right away.

profit gateway free 230 bet
Dutched Odds Matcher Tool

The dutch odds matcher tools has made collectively millions of dollars in free bets across the US and Canada. Pretty crazy numbers just for a calculator if you ask me. With Parlay calculators you can have a chance of making money from a bet.

With dutch odds matcher calculator you always make money from your bet. As its a mathematical progress which guarantees a win everytime.

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