Best Sharp Money Trackers and Software

Best Sharp money trackers in sports betting

Sharp money trackers all know knowledge is indeed power. Professional bettors, who are daily on the grind, betting, are known as sharps. They are experts when it comes to sports betting, so much so that they can make a living out of it.

They are also nicked named by fellow bettors as “wise guys” or simply as the pros in the field. So what exactly is Sharp money, and what are sharp money trackers? Read below as we dive deep into the nitty-gritty of sharp money trackers in sports betting:

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Sharp Money Trackers Software

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What is sharp money?

Any bet that a professional bettor (also known as Sharp) places are quick money.

If you’re reading this article, you’ll probably not be a “sharp” better and hence; your money isn’t “sharp money.” The whole concept lies in the intuition of the sharps.

These are professionals in the field who know their way around sports betting. This means that they know the algorithm so well they rarely lose.

And it’s not just about winning with these Sharps; they are so good at understanding the play of placing sporting bets that these are the people that sportsbooks or bookmakers follow.

Wherever sharp money lies where the bookmakers move or open their lines. As an aspiring bettor, if your goal is o become sharp in sports betting, you should be a pro at tracking sharp money first.

What are sharp money trackers?

When it comes to sports betting, tracking sharp money is a well-known strategy. Everyone knows that the goal is where the sharp money is at.

Wherever these Sharps place their bets is where the highest probability of winning lies. If you want more profits in all your bets, you need to know the route of sharp money in the game.

The only question left to ask is, “how do I know where the pros are placing their bets?” To answer this question, you need to understand how Sharps work.

 To answer this question, you need to understand how the software works.

A Sharp Money tracker is software that helps you spot the route of sharp money. It displays graphs and tables to help you understand how the odds change through the day and how the price lines move.

Everything on the platform is live without a middleman, which is one of the perks of using sharp money trackers.

With Sharp money trackers, you can check the history of previous bets to find out how the lines were moving and study the trend.

The best part is that you get to view the public percentage information, which is an apparent upper hand in tracking sharp money.

With this feature, it is easy for you to track public money. So, in the end, you ultimately know where all the sharp money is going.

Some sharp trackers also have the dropping odds filter. Since dropping odds is unprecedented, the bookmaker is lacking behind on the trend.

If you increase your stakes and bet higher odds than the others, you’ll likely win even in the long run.

Signal sensitivity is another feature in Sharp money tracking tools that sends you notifications whenever Sharp money is moving.

The signal is detected and shows up on the chart, displaying how big the line move was. It gives you an edge by clearly identifying the favorite from the underdog without any confusion.

How do sharps bet money on sporting events?

Sharps are great influencers of moving lines or even opening them, and they understand bankroll management well. Because sharps are so good at what they do, many betting websites have a specific party always on the lookout for sharps. Because they may be using their skills to manipulate the outcomes of the betting round.

For example, pinnacle sport book shapes their line off sharp action. This allows them to get a very accurate take on where the line is heading.

Once a line is shaped, they can open up to take huge bets, as they are certain the line they have put up is right on the money.

When a sharp part of a syndicate, they all work together to manipulate the bookmakers to move their lines. It doesn’t matter if you face an individual sharp or a group of sharps (syndicate); they are both problematic for bookmakers/sportsbooks.

They tend to tilt the line heavily to one side whenever sharps make bets. If the bookmakers are on the wrong side of the tilt, it could create a huge problem.

This is why some websites ban the existence of Sharps on their sites.

On the other hand, to avoid getting banned from betting, Sharps are careful about how they bet. Whatever wager they place, they try to make it look as unsuspicious as possible.

When this doesn’t work, they employ “runners” to do their job for them. The runners pose as amateurs on these websites and at casinos bet for the sharps.

How to track sharp money?

Checking websites for live movement and public betting percentages:

These sites show which the public favorite is and which party is the underdog. If you check the history of all the bets on this website, you will find that the favorite gets more action than the underdog in the public betting charts.

When you study the history of the betting pattern on such websites, you may find out where the sharps are placing their bets. Typically, if the line shifts against the favorite, then there is a meager chance of sharp money being placed on the underdog

Line reversal trackers:

Sportsbooks move the line whenever there is a lot of action on one side of the line. in doing so, they balance out the line to attract equal bettor for both the outcomes and not just focus on the part with the most action.

For example, if bettors rush to support the Blue Devils, who have acquired a 7 pointer favorite against Notre Dame, the bookmaker will probably increase the spread to -7.5 or more.

This is because they want to amplify their chances of walking away with 50% at the least, no matter what the outcome of the game is.

The reverse line movement is an excellent method for bookmakers to balance the favorite and the underdog. Bookmaker.recorded Marshall’s drop to +9.5 from +10 even though they received only 19% of spread bets.

This is why they pay a lot of attention to the route of sharp bettor picks and avoid taking too much on one side.

Line Freeze:

This happens when the public and the sharp money are both betting on the same side, but the oddsmakers are not moving from their spot. Typically, when this happens, you can bet that the bookmakers know that sharp money is on their side, so they are okay with taking more action. When you find the freeze line, you’ll be o the same side as the house, which usually wins the bets.

Steam moves:

Syndicates use this trick to get an advantage over their bets. Syndicates collectively overload one side of the line across multiple sportsbooks online so that all the bookmakers are compelled to shift their lines simultaneously.

This is called the Steam Move. Whenever a steam move is made, you can track the old pricing and take advantage of this information.

However, you need to be careful about tracking all steam moves because some syndicates cause the move so that they can earn more money by betting a significant amount on the other side when the line starts to move.

If the NFL game led to a sudden line movement, let’s say, to +2.5 from +3.5, it could indicate the presence of big money in the game. If the sportsbook you are using is slower than others in the market, it can still show you the +3.5, and you will place your bets there when it is already +2.5. this is regarded as “Chasing steam”

Who is considered as a Sharp in sports betting?

If you have won at least 55% or more of all the best you ever placed, you can be considered a Sharp among bettors.

Till now, the best sharps from around the world have managed to hit 60 to 65 %marks, which means that they are less likely to lose the best that they place. This is why it is wise to track sharp money whenever you place a bet. If you bet on the same side as them, you increase your chances of winning the bet. Make sure to check our article on sports betting algorithm for more details.

How to become A Sharp:

There is no easy way to become a Sharp at sports betting. You need to go through the same procedure as any other Sharp unless you have a talent for recognizing good bets. Let’s take a look at some of the most critical points:

  • Bet with your head. Always calculate the odds of winning before going in on your bet.
  • Be realistic about winning and losing bets.
  • Track sharp money and try to follow their techniques
  • Use more than one sportsbook
  • Study the matches and dissect the data
  • Keep track of your bets
  • Don’t bet more than what you’re willing to lose.

How to keep track of bets:


This online tracker comes with many features to keep you updated at all times. You can take a look at your overview and stats of all your bets on the homepage. All your data is compiled in a comprehensive graph with your turnover, hit rate and ROI.

Betting GS:

You can easily insert all your bets, the bookmaker with whom you have placed your bet, the size of your stake and even the odds of the bet. You can save all your bets on a table where you can view them from your profile.

Stake Toys:

You can insert your bets into the website’s bet tracker through Betfair. You can even set up more than one bankroll, which can come in handy when you feel like you need a separate bankroll only meant for individual sports.


Bookmakers are the most concerned when it comes to tracking sharp money. Since they try their best to create a balanced line between the two parties whenever there is a bet ongoing, when the sharps come in and break the balance of their lines, it creates havoc for the bookmakers.

On one end, bookmakers don’t care if they and the sharps are on the same side of the tilt. However when they are on opposing ends, the problem arises for the bookmakers. This is why bookmakers need to be on the right side of the line.

Keep in mind that just because you track sharp money, you won’t be guaranteed profits. The point is to be aware of where the experts are betting and what techniques they use always to have the upper hand. It’s basically to give you a better chance at winning than a guarantee that you will win.