Tricks To Beat the Bookies That Actually Work in 2022. Top 10 list.

Tricks to beat the bookies top 10 list- Tips, Tricks and Secrets to explode your Bankroll in 2022.

While it may sound as though I’m preaching, I learned these lessons the hard way.

Before I get into the not-to-do list, the biggest real trick is matched betting.

Matched betting is a legitimate way to earn money through bookie bonuses, no B.S Ive done it myself and it works!

Now besides matched betting, the tips below will hold you in good stead whether you are picking your own games, or following a tipster.

Please don’t overlook these because they are simple.

1-Don’t bet under the influence.

This first one should go without saying, but this is a genuine issue for many people.

Especially with the ease of use of our mobile devices which we can use from anywhere at any time.

Alcohol impairs your judgment and this is a crucial tool in your belt if you plan to beat the bookies.

Alcohol also drastically affects your discipline, so you are much more likely to throw your money management

plan out the window in favor of one big hail Mary all in type wager.

Yes, you’ll be happy if it hits, but it always eventually loses.

There goes the saying, a gambler always loses his biggest bet. If you think this is an issue for you, consider banning yourself from online sites..

and go into the betting shop and pay with cash instead. Don’t wake up with an empty balance and a headache.

2-Do not bet while under pressure or stress

Stressful situations happen to all of us sometimes, and this is another problem that can significantly impair our judgment.

The mixture of cortisol and adrenalin makes us reactive and emotional! Not great conditions to be making financial decisions.

3-Don’t bet if you are in financial trouble

This one is a very important rule, and it ties into number 1 and 2.

Another stressful situation can affect your decision-making ability to think logically.

You’ll instead be using your emotions to justify reckless choices and that never ends well for anyone.

4-Don’t bet every day

Many people love to wager every single day.

When we do this, we are increasing the chances that the law of averages will come into effect and gradually start moving back us back to 50/50.

For example, its easier to hit 60% if you only make 10 wagers.

Hitting 60 from 100 is a much tougher proposition due to the law of averages. Back in the day, many professional gamblers would bet many picks daily.

This was because they had a defined edge. They had measured it over hundreds or even thousands of bets.

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Usually hitting around 55% and betting just 1% of their bankroll per bet. This was known as the shotgun method.

It was very successful and popular amongst pros in the80’s and ’90s. But as more and more edges have been eroded by the bookmakers, its harder to use.

These days, personally I find this style hard to make headway with. Although I am still a fan of conservative and strict money management.

overunder totals

5-Limit your action to 1 play a day

This approach is rather effective because it makes you use discipline.

Many people will double up after a win or a loss, and that not what a solid money management plan entails.

Enforcing this rule eliminates the unnecessary, unplanned plays and saves your bankroll in the long run.

6-Know your sport thoroughly

Don’t bet on sports you have no idea at all about.

The bettors just want some excitement and whose actions resemble someone who was okay with flushing money down the toilet.

There’s a game on tv so they’ll play it.

Even if they have no idea about the teams, the players, and their history.

This is a sure-fire way to lose your hard-earned dough, and definitely not in this bag of tricks. Also, one should have a decent working knowledge of how bookies set odds in their particular sport of choice.

7-Money management plan

sports bet money management

Money management. This is an area where the majority of players lose their asses.

People can pick winners, but they can’t manage their money or keep their emotions in check when winning or losing.

You need to have  pre-determined idea of how much of your bankroll you’ll bet on each game.

Once this is decided, you cant chop and change. Flat betting, as its called, is paramount to a successful money management plan.

Because if you were to win 1 game at 5% of your bank, and then bet 10% on the next game and lose, your already toast.

You’re now down when you should be 50/50.

Set your bankroll, say it’s 5k, and bet 250 per wager (5%)until it increases or decreases by 25%, and then recalculate your 5% wager.

Don’t deviate even if you’re on a bad run of a few losses.

8-Discipline to enforce that plan

Having the will and the discipline to stick with the tips mentioned above, is your number 1 edge if you’re gonna beat the bookies.

UnDisciplined behavior and greed are the enemy and will destroy you even if your pick more winners than losses. That’s something to think about.

9-Know when a game is in your sweet zone

After you’ve done your research and you’ve considered all outcomes, it is important to be able to tell if the games you’re about to wager sit in your sweet zone.

 Ted Williams, the legendary baseball player and one of the best batters in history talk about the sweet zone in his book, the science of hitting.

Basically, he says that the most important part of hitting was being patient

and waiting for the perfect pitch to come into his sweet zone.

Warren buffet used this as an analogy of how to be an investor.

He said that It’s not a good idea to have an opinion on everything.

Although Ted, playing baseball had to swing eventually or get called out, no one is forcing you to bet, and this is to your advantage.

You can wait for the perfect pitch so to speak…

10-Never chase losses

This goes back again to discipline.

You must realize that losing is part of the game and chasing always gets us in trouble. Whether it’s women or losses.

We chase out of desperation, and that impacts our decision-making drastically.

Oh by the way, Actually collect and withdraw your winnings and spend it on stuff.

You’ve probably noticed that online bookies make it very easy for you to open an account and deposit money, which they’ll quite happily keep if you lose.

But they make you do backward somersaults through flaming hoops to withdraw it.

So many people never really win because they leave their winnings in their betting accounts until they lose it all.

Usually when they’re reckless or emotional or maybe drunk.

So do yourself a favor and verify your betting account right away after you open an account.

Cash out your winnings and have a night out,  take your lady out for dinner.

After all, what’s the point of beating the bookies if you’re not going to enjoy your winnings?

I know, the plan is to build your bankroll. But actually use the money you’ve won if you have had a good run.

That’s the purpose of it all.

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