FREE Value Betting Algorithm and Software

Value Betting Algorithm Software 

Value betting algorithm software allows you to have the advantage of avoiding errors and increasing the odds in your favor.

Regardless of their experience and years in the industry, bookmakers are not infallible, so they can make errors occasionally. In the world of betting, these occasional errors can be very expensive mistakes.

This is where value betting algorithm software can be an invaluable tool, especially if you like to bet often. Punters use the algorithm in value betting software to make long-term profits from their bets.

If you wonder what value betting algorithm software is and how AI in sports Betting can help you, here’s your chance to find out.  

What is value betting algorithm software?

Software that uses the data in betting exchange to identify the weak points of the bookmakers’ odds is collectively called value betting algorithm software.

The software functions as an integrated value bet calculator and compare millions of odds and bookmakers online. 

Value betting algorithm software requires minimal input from the user, making it very easy to use. The software allows easy tracking of several components, including bets, expected value, and ROI. 

In addition, value betting software also brings unrivaled efficiency and functionality to the overall betting game. 

How does value betting algorithm software work for the sports industry 

If you ask the pros, value betting is one the easiest ways to make money in the sports industry. This is the reason why several value betting algorithm software targets the industry. 

The value betting algorithm software compares millions of odds and bookmakers available online. The algorithm also compares the odds for thousands of matches from thousands of bookmakers and automatically calculates the stakes for you. 

Searching for value bets is one of the most time-consuming activities in the sports industry. Since the value betting software takes care of this bottleneck, you can place bets more often, which increase your chance of winning. 

Another important role of value betting algorithm software in the sports industry is tracking and maintenance. The software tracks the wins or losses for every bet, which saves you the trouble of manually recording data. 

How to use value betting algorithm software as a bettor 

Value betting algorithm software is invaluable for punters, especially in sports. Here’s how to use the software to increase your winning chances. 

Find value bet feed

One of the frustrating things with value bets is their volatility. Value bets are notorious for vanishing within 5 to 10 minutes of discovery, limiting the number of bets you can place. 

Using a reliable value betting algorithm software can help you identify value bets that delay up to 15 minutes, giving you a good chance to bet on them. 

Locate more bookmakers 

Value betting algorithm software can also help bookmakers from all over so you can place more bets.

More match to bet on

Value betting algorithm software also comes with several betting options from different sports, so you have more chances to bet.

In this regard, the value betting algorithm software that you choose will be paramount. Most of the top value betting software offer premium features, but they come at a price. 

For instance, one of the best online betting tools on the market, tradesmate costs as much as $452 or €400/ per month, which is really expensive, and only a handful can afford to use it. There is a free trial period, but the features are very limited.

In this regard, finding a reliable free value betting algorithm software is one of the best strategies. 

Top value betting algorithm software to check out today 

Among the top value betting software that we recommend are BetBurger and RebelBetting. 

Rebel Betting, in particular, can easily give the premium software a run for their money because of its outstanding features. Let’s go through the features:

  • Time delay – None
  • Bookmakers – 90
  • Sports – 10 
  • Bet tracking available – Yes 
  • Maximum profit per bet – Unlimited

These are the same features you get on Trademate Sports, but you have to pay a premium price. RebelBetting plans are also very budget-friendly, and their pro-package is $202 or €179, which is a measly price compared to Trademate Sports.

RebelBetting also offers 14 days free trial, while at Trademate Sports, it is only 7 days. So the former value betting software wins our votes hands down. 

If you want to start with a free value betting algorithm software, you can’t go wrong with BetBurger. This free software also has great features, including:

  • Time delay – 15 minutes 
  • Bookmakers – 82
  • Sports – 32 
  • Bet tracking available – No
  • Maximum profit per bet – 2%

If you are a veteran in the value betting arena, RebelBetting is a software that will steer you towards a lot of wins. The number of odds in sports and bookies is an impressive figure on the algorithm as well. 

However, BetBurger also particularly stands its ground against the premium paid software in value betting. In fact, for free software, the number of sports odds available on BetBurger is even higher than in the premium ones, which increases your betting and winning chances. 

Pros of value betting algorithm software 

  • Punters receive a constant stream of value bets resulting in long-term profit. 
  • The software does the hard work of calculations and tracking
  • The software makes it difficult for bookmakers to uncover the value bettors 
  • Effortless to use and has no learning curve 

Cons of value betting algorithm software 

  • Spotting the value bets, especially on live sports, can be difficult 
  • Free value betting software may have limited features, including fewer sports and bookies
  • Paid value betting software can be very pricey  

Wrapping up

Many serious players consider value betting as the easiest way to make serious money. The risk of value betting is low to moderate, the betting process is easy, and the profits are moderate to high. 

And if you have value betting algorithm software for assistance, that is where the real fun of value betting starts. The algorithm software is very easy to use, and it does all the heavy lifting of comparing and calculating. 

In addition, you don’t need a premium value betting algorithm software to start betting. So what are you waiting for? Try out the value betting algorithms we have tested for you.