Vegas Golden Knights At St. Louis Blues NHL Over/Under 5.5 Pick, Prediction. 4/5/21

okay, folks today we have the Vegas golden knights taking on the St Louis Blues at home and this should be an entertaining affair

let’s have a look at how both teams have been traveling before we give you an accurate pick on today’s total which is set at 5.5

By The bookies okay now if you know my work I’m a big fan of predicting total especially in the NHL with data, okay I really like data in particularly I like looking at the last five games for each team as well as the last five matchups between those two teams

now this can be an indicator of what is to be expected in the future so this is giving me really great results so I’m giving that to you right here right now.

So the last five games for the Vegas Knights have gone three two to the under

with Vegas doing not a whole lot of scoring in those games

unfortunately, in the last two games they only managed to score three goals so we’re hoping for some more goals this time from Vegas

the St Louis Blues, on the other hand, have lost their last five games with all five games going under the total did you hear that all five games have gone under the total not a lot of goals have been scored at all in St Louis blues games now…

let’s quickly check the last five games between these two teams let’s see if we can see anything statistically relevant.

Okay the last five Head to Head has amazingly all gone over the total the last game between the two teams on Monday the 22nd of March 2021 went five goals to one in favor of the vegas golden knights

the game before that also the same score 5-1 in favor OF Vegas

going back a little bit further we see Vegas winning 5-4

St Louis prevailing 5-4 and a 6-4 win to Vegas going back quite a while ago….

When we see a situation like this when the last five games have gone over the Total line but the teams haven’t been performing that well in the last five games against other teams

I generally look to favor the last five matchups between those teams is they can really be a strong indicator of what to expect

now five of the last games have gone over the total and I really think this is set to continue here