What Happens If It’s Tied After Overtime in NBA?

Over time can be a harrowing situation for sports fans and sports bettors alike, you thought your team was going to win or lose and now theres another chance.

To cut to the chase, If the score is still tied after overtime, the overtime is repeated until there is a winner.

Does the overtime count in over/under betting in the NBA ?

Yes. Always be sure to check with your sportsbook, but almost always overtime is included in NBA Betting.

This can be great if you bet the OVER, but not so good if you bet the UNDER.

NBA Overtime limit

There is no limit to the amount of overtimes that can happen, if the games is still ties, the game will continue until there is a winner.

The most amount of overtime needed in history was 6 to decide the winner.

Is NBA overtime sudden death ?

No. NBA overtime is played on time limit not sudden death.