What is the best sport to bet on to make money ?(easy bets to win money)

There are many different answers to this question and it all depends on who you listen to and where your knowledge lies.

People do often ask… What is the best sport to bet on to make money?

The truth is there are no easy bets to win money- Though there are easier bets.

Finding your edge

Sports betting can be highly entertaining and profitable, but for many bettors, the number of options available can be quite overwhelming.

With dozens of sports and endless different bets to choose from, how does a sports bettor know which bet to take?

One tactic that can be useful to sports bettors who struggle with this issue is the act of choosing just one sport to study, watch, and bet on.

This technique can allow the bettor to have a smaller pool of bets to choose from while also being more informed on the sport he is betting on.

To put this strategy into action, the bettor must choose a sport. While this may seem hard, it is actually quite simple.

In most cases, each bettor will naturally have a sport that they know and love more than other sports.

For some, that special sport is boxing, while others will prefer to place their bets on basketball.

Today, we take a look at our top three favorite sports to bet on to make a profit and explain exactly why these were the ones to make the list.

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Top 3 most profitable sports to bet on

3. Baseball

We kick off our list with the sport of baseball.

With 82 games plus the postseason, baseball can prove to be profitable if a sports bettor is able to master the details of the game.

Take a look at the pros that earned baseball a spot on our countdown. Heavily position-influenced outcomes

This benefit is only seen in baseball due to the uniqueness of the pitcher position.

There is really no other sport in which one position is so influential to the result of the game, which directly correlates with the betting odds of the game.

Those who are successful at betting on baseball are well acquainted with the pitchers in the MLB and how they tend to perform in certain situations.

If you feel as if you have a knack for understanding the pitcher position and the impact it has on sports betting, baseball might be your sport to bet.

High number of consistency variables

This detail about baseball betting is the one that sets it apart for some sports bettors.

Baseball is unique in the way that certain game-dependent variables are often very influential on the outcome of the game.

These game-dependent variables are referring to which stadium the game is being played in, the weather during the game, who the umpire is for the game, and more.

Each of these variables has a statistical history that can tell sports bettors about past results.

If a sports bettor catches a trend of certain results, he may be able to gain a profiting edge on the sportsbooks.

For example, sharp sports bettors will be able to track the number of home runs hit at a certain ballpark or see how many times the home team wins when a certain umpire is behind the plate.

While crunching these stats, certain trends can stick out.

If you know ahead of time that the St Louis Cardinals have hit the under in 68% of games played at Wrigley Field in the last three seasons…

then you would be able to feel somewhat confident in placing a wager on the Under the next time the Cards are in Chicago.

These types of trends are everywhere, but it takes some research and a smart baseball mind to find solid, reliable trends that are going to be profitable.

2. Soccer

Coming in at number two on our list of the best sports to make a profit on is soccer.

Soccer offers the sports bettor many positive aspects, making it a premium sport to place bets on.

Some examples of these positives that can be taken advantage of while betting include :

Volume of games

Soccer never stops, so the betting doesn’t have to either.

The sport of soccer is the most popular in the world, and that is represented by leagues in practically every country in the world.

The most popular leagues are played in Europe and run from mid-August to May. North America’s league (MLS) takes a different approach, starting in April and ending in the fall.

Point being, there is always soccer action to bet on.

This makes soccer much more potentially profitable than a sport like football, which has only one significant league (NFL).

Consistent winners

Another advantage soccer bettors will receive is the ability to better predict the outcomes due to the consistency of the top teams in the world of soccer.

In 2019, each of the top five soccer leagues in the world (English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1) had back-to-back champions, meaning that the team that won the league this year also won it last year.

This comes as no surprise, as soccer is a top-heavy sport. In the bigger leagues in the world, the bigger, better teams have much better financial backing…

allowing them to stay superior when compared to other clubs with less funding.

This often results in the same 2-3 teams challenging for the title each season.

This can bode well for sports bettors, who are always looking for ways to take advantage of consistent trends like this one.

1. College Football/Basketball betting

College sports are often the favorite sports to bet on for many gamesters, earning them the number one spot on our list of most profitable sports to bet on.

The options are endless and the results can be predictable and profitable if you know your stuff.

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Skill discrepancy

The biggest and most influential factor that can be taken advantage of when betting on college sports is the obvious skill difference that can be present during a college game.

While this won’t always be the case, college sports are the only place in which you can have the chance to bet on two horrifically matched-up against teams, making it much easier to make a profit on the game.

In the NBA, MLB, or the NFL, all of the players taking part in the game are professional.

While many professional games will have a superior team and an inferior team, it will be nothing like the difference of talent that can be witnessed at the college level.

Let’s take a look at Alabama’s upcoming football schedule as an example.

The Crimson Tide will take on the Western Carolina Wildcats next season.

Now on paper, these two teams should not be on the same field, yet it will happen.

This type of mismatch can be found in every college sport, and a sports bettor who knows his college sports will be able to take advantage of these occasions.

To conclude, it is essential to understand that this list is in no way explaining the easiest sports to bet on for everyone.

Teams and players are always changing, making it virtually impossible to state which sport is actually more profitable.

The most profitable sport to bet on is going to be the sport that you know and understand the best.

Make sure to do your homework before each bet, and to always bet responsibly!

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