Which Sportsbook Has The Quickest Payouts?

Which sportsbook has the quickest payouts

Which Sportsbooks has the quickest payout? With the sports betting industry growing at an astounding rate in 2022, finding a reliable online sportsbook with the quickest payouts has never been easier.

There are a number of high quality, trusted sportsbooks who have focused on this particular problem, as long waits for payouts can be quite annoying and tedious.

If you’d like to skip the details, just check out our top three choices for the quickest payouts, listed here:

Reliable and Well-rounded methods (Check/Crypto) : – sportsbetting.ag

Overall Best Crypto Withdraw Payouts  : – betonline.ag

Fastest Bitcoin Withdraw Payouts : Link – Bovada.lv

It should be noted that all three of these methods recommend that users take advantage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payout options.

The speed, safety, and privacy of cryptocurrency payouts is much better than any other payout option, especially when compared to paper check or wire transfer.

Cryptocurrency payouts and deposits call for users to have a virtual wallet dedicated to a certain cryptocurrency, which is extremely easy and free to access.

Popular mobile apps, such as CashApp, offer cryptocurrency wallet features for free, giving users the ability to send sportsbook winnings straight to these digital wallets quickly.

Bitcoin can be transferred to dollars in seconds, making it the ideal method of withdrawing your winnings.

3. Sportsbetting.ag

First on our list of the best sportsbooks with the quickest payouts is sportsbetting.ag. Sportsbetting.ag is a fully functional online Sportsbook that offers betting lines, prop bets, alternate bets, online casino, and more.

This site is the favorite of many bettors because of their quality online sportsbook, but sportsbetting.ag has recently become one of the quickest to pay out as well.

Sportsbetting.ag was originally founded under the name Best Line Sports in 2001. Since, the brand has claimed a huge piece of territory in the online gambling niche.

Now, Sportsbetting.ag is a trusted online sportsbook that is one of the most used in the world. Users love this site because it is one of few sites that will allow users to quickly and easily withdraw their winnings from the site and to their pockets.

When it comes time to withdraw your winnings, Sportsbetting.ag makes it easy. Customers can access their money via bank wire, paper check, cryptocurrency, or Skrill.

In addition to their more traditional payout options, sportsbetting.ag has made huge strides in the cryptocurrency category as well.

Unlike some of the leading online sportsbooks who only offer Bitcoin payouts, Sportsbetting.ag is able to offer payouts via Litecoin, Ripple, and Ethereum in addition to Bitcoin.

We suggest choosing one of these cryptocurrency withdraw methods if you’re looking for the quickest payout.

Sportsbetting.ag has risen to the top tier of online sportsbooks for many reasons, including their payout speed.

While they aren’t the quickest yet, Sportsbetting.ag has reliable payouts that will arrive much sooner than other online sportsbooks, making it number three on our list.


  • Well-rounded options

Sportsbetting.ag has established itself as the favorite online sportsbook of many online bettors because of the quality withdrawal services offered there.

While some old-schoolers choose this site because of their check-in-mail service, others love the countless crypto options that usually deliver within 24 hours.

  • Lightning-fast bitcoin withdrawals

Using bitcoin to withdraw has proven to be the fastest option of payout on sportsbetting.ag. Bitcoin payouts are usually delivered within 24 hours, while some payouts have been known to hit Bitcoin accounts in as little as 6-12 hours.


  • Transaction reviews don’t start on weekends

If there was one downside that was hard to get over with this sportsbook, it was the fact that payout requests are only processed between Monday and Friday.

This means that if you initiate your withdrawal on the weekend, it will likely take an additional 24 hours to receive payout, regardless of method.

2. Betonline.ag

The online sportsbook with the second quickest withdrawal process has to be Betonline.ag. Betonline.ag has the industry’s best betting lines for bettors, offering more fair lines than any of their competitors.

With high quality live betting and other sportsbook features on top of their virtual casino, Betonline.ag is equipped to meet all of your online betting needs, and with elite withdrawal speed, there are few sportsbooks that are superior.

Betonline is heavily invested in cryptocurrency withdrawals, and recommends this method for the fastest and most secure way to get your winnings.

Betonline offers Etherum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin.

Even though other cryptocurrencies are accepted, Betonline still recommends using Bitcoin to ensure the fastest possible withdrawals. To help, Betonline has even included a quick tutorial that will show how simple BItcoin transactions can be.

Betonline is known for their fast transfers, and even offer same-day payout options. This way, you could win your big bet and get paid for it on the same day, bringing a new dynamic to online sports betting. They are also a great choice for NBA prop bets for example.

With most cryptocurrency transactions taking under 24 hours to complete, Betonline has a firm grasp on second place of the quickest online sportsbook payouts. 


  • Same-day payout options

Crypto users can expect to receive their funds within 24 hours with Betonline.ag payouts. With more cryptocurrency payouts than many of their top competitors, Betonline.ag is a standout online sportsbook when it comes to getting paid out fast and easy.

  • Fastest check services

While most online bettors prefer other methods of payout, Betonline.ag does have the fastest check payout services we found. Checks will usually hit mailboxes seven to 10 days after request, which is 10-20 days faster than other sportsbooks offering a paper check payout.


  • None

1. Bovada.lv

Coming in at number one on our list of the sportsbooks with the quickest payouts has to be Bovada.lv. Since 2011, Bovada has been the go-to choice for online sports betting for bettors in the United States and beyond. Bovada is a well-rounded sportsbook that offers competitive betting lines, as well as a high-end online casino with virtual poker, blackjack, slots, and more.

Bovada has really separated themselves from the crowd in withdrawals speeds, with their Bitcoin services being the big difference-maker.

Bitcoin can be transferred to cash within seconds, so having fast Bitcoin payouts is essential in getting your sports betting winnings in your pockets ASAP.

To initiate a Bovada Bitcoin transfer, simply enter your Bitcoin wallet address and punch in how much of your funds you’re looking to withdraw. Within hours, your Bitcoin wallet will be funded with sports betting winnings from Bovada.

Bovada is always branching out to find new ways to pay out their customers. In April 2020, Bovada released their new voucher payout method, allowing you to send your account balance to a friend via voucher code.

While it sounds simple enough, this payout method is quite unique and can be used between you and a friend to receive even faster payouts. For more information on this new payout technique, please refer to Bovada’s reference page here.(https://www.bovada.lv/vouchers)

With lightning-fast bitcoin withdraws and more traditional options available, there is no easier or quicker way to get your sports betting winnings than using Bovada.lv.

Bovada is the gold standard of Bitcoin transactions in the sports betting industry, which has them comfortably sitting in our number one spot of the sportsbooks with the quickest payouts.


  • Industry-leading bitcoin withdraw speed

There is no one faster in the sports betting game than Bovada when it comes to payout speeds when using the Bitcoin method.

With most Bitcoin withdrawals being delivered in 12 hours or less, and some within a matter of minutes, no one can compare to the payout speed of Bovada. it is simply the number one way to quickly and easily get your winnings in your pockets.

  • Ever-improving sportsbook

Bovada is quickly becoming one of the most used sportsbooks in the world, and it is because of their ability to make quick and significant improvements to their services. 2020 has seen Bovada improve drastically as an online sportsbook, with the improved bitcoin speed being the most significant improvement.

The new voucher method mentioned above is another unique improvement that was pioneered by Bovada, making this online sportsbook a pioneer of the industry, as well as a trusted sportsbook for the fastest payouts.

  • Quality Customer Service

If for some reason your payout is not going as fast as expected, Bovada offers fast and helpful customer service. Connect directly with a real person who will be ready to assist you with your problems.

Bovada is known to reward customers who have come across issues with plenty of reward funds to make up for any hiccups in their betting services, making their customer service a standout characteristic.


  • Not all cryptos paid out

Bovada chose to specialize in the most used crypto (Bitcoin), and has decided to ditch the rest of the crypto payout options.

This has resulted in Bovada having the best Bitcoin payout service out of any online sportsbook, but has come at the cost of offering other popular methods, such as Litecoin, Ripple, or Ethereum.

This may not be a huge con for some, as Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency, and the easiest to access.