NFL Football Handicapping Formulas

Betting on the NFL can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Handicapping your own NFL matchups is one way to find your own unique angles on a matchup to try to take advantage of. There are endless ways to handicap an NFL matchup, so we’re going to try to break down NFL football … Read more

Super Bowl LIV-Kansas City Chiefs VS San Francisco 49ers- NFL OVER/UNDER Pick,Prediction.

nfl over/under predictions

Super Bowl LIV is finally here, and we could hardly have asked for a more intriguing matchup. Stat-stuffing Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs (14-4) fought their way through the AFC, as well-rounded San Francisco 49ers (15-3) emerged from the NFC to meet in what promises to be a highly competitive Super Bowl affair. … Read more

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How Often Does The Home Team Win In The NFL ?

The NFL is the league that most bets are placed on every year in the United States. Considering this popularity, it is essential to gain an edge when betting on football. One aspect that can help predict an NFL matchup can be the home field advantage. So how influential is this home field advantage, and … Read more

NFL Over/Under – Predicting Scoring

Why we love playing the NFL Over/Under ? The excitement factor is merely one reason. This article will go into detail and look at many factors that make a NFL game in 2019 high or low scoring going over or under. The National Football League of past generations was geared upon tough defense and a … Read more