Millionaire Sports Gamblers.

It’s a fact that sports betting is not for everybody. It takes a certain kind of person to risk actual money on the results of sports!

The outcomes are unpredictable and most of the players and coaches are inconsistent, making the task of becoming a successful sports bettor a very difficult one.

While it is challenging, there have been many people who have conquered the sportsbooks, making millions in profit by sports betting.

These unique cases are the exception in the betting world, each with their own strategy used to make it to the top.

It is hard to put a number on just exactly how many individuals have been able to make seven digits on sports betting due to the private nature of the industry.

With that being said, there is a group of elite bettors that are known for their success.

Take a look at our top five list of sports bettors who have made over a million dollars betting on sports.

This list is in no way listing bettors by how much money they have earned, but instead is comprised of the most popular and well-known sports bettors in the industry.

5. James Holzhauer – Estimated winnings : $1.4 – $2.2 Million (Lifetime)

First on our list of millionaire sports bettors is James Holzhauer.

Known for his infamous run on the game show “Jeopardy!”, the 34-year-old Holzhauer has made his living by betting.

Holzhauer has a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics, an ability that undoubtedly assists Holzhauer when he is betting on sports.

Growing up, he was known for his advanced math skills, as well as his obsession with sports.

These two interests would end up colliding with each other in Holzhauer’s college years, when he would pick up sports betting.

Holzhauer’s sharp mind allows him to see the sportsbook in a different way than many gamblers, leading to profitable opportunities.

Style-wise, Holzhauer is growing his reputation as a live bettor. His mathematical abilities allow Holzhauer to see weaknesses in sportsbooks, such as vulnerable OVER/UNDER betting lines while a game is being played.

Considering he is so young, expect to see much more of James Holzhauer in the betting community in the future.

4. Tony Bloom – Estimated sports betting winnings – $90 million – $120 million (Lifetime)

Next on our list of millionaire sports bettors is Englishman Tony Bloom. Known as a successful entrepreneur and the owner of Brighton Hove and Albion football club…

Bloom has made his money in many different ways. Along with betting on sports…

Bloom has also made a significant chunk of cash playing poker professionally and developing assets in both the property and betting industries.

With all of this money coming in, the amount of money that Bloom made on sports betting is practically untrackable.

Many analysts admire the simplicity of Bloom’s betting style. Although not too much is known about his transactions…

it is known that Bloom has amassed a number of high level sports bettors and minds that know the game very well.

It’s estimated that this genius group is responsible for unreal amounts of profit, most of which will belong to Tony Bloom.

3. Alan Thompson – Estimated winnings – $13 million – $20 million (Annually)

Coming in at number three on our list is likely to be the best sports bettor that you have never heard of.. Until now.

Alan Thompson hails from England, and has put together one of the most consistent and profitable systems in place to take over the sports betting world.

Like many, soccer (european football) betting is the choice of Thompson.

Thompson credits his betting success to his own developed algorithm. When detailing his algorithm…

Thompson explains how he is able to process an average of how many goals will be scored in soccer matches.

He will then take this information and make his bets according to the data, essentially making himself the oddsmaker.

Thompson won so much money in his early betting years, forcing him to bet online after he was banned from local betting shops.

Nonetheless, the profits haven’t stopped rolling in for Thompson, who adjusts and uses his algorithm to win around $16 million from BetFair a year.

  At 47 years of age, Thompson is well on his way to becoming one of the most consistent and profitable sports bettors in today’s betting landscape.

2. Bob Voulgaris – Estimated winnings – $15 million – $30 million

We have one of the real OG’s in our number two spot on our list of millionaire sports bettors.

Haralabos Voulgaris, also known as Bob, was one of the first sports bettors to make a name for himself in the sports bettor world.

Legend has it that Voulgaris was one of the youngest successful bettors as well, with stories reporting that Voulgaris was well known for placing huge $1,000,000 NBA wagers at just 25 years old.

Voulgaris was a sports betting genius who took every advantage that was out there.

His specialty was his ability to be able to read and predict games involving NBA head coaches Eddie Jordan, Jerry Sloan, and Byron Scott.

His ability to understand the pace of the scoring of an NBA game combined with his knowledge of the coaches put him on another level, making him one of the most dangerous sports bettors to ever do it.

Sportsbooks were forced to adjust to his unreal betting style, making him a sports betting legend by the time he walked away from Vegas.

He made the majority of his money exploiting an edge he found betting nba over/unders.

Voulgaris now has a job with the front office of the Dallas Mavericks.

1. William Billy Walters – Estimated approx winnings to date – $40 million – $50 million

The number one spot on our list was saved for the one and only Billy Walters. If you haven’t checked out this guy yet, you’re missing out.

His story is incredible, and so are his sports betting skills.

Widely accepted as the most successful sports bettor in history, Walters has built quite the legacy.

After an unsuccessful start to his betting career, Walters burst onto the betting scene in the 1980’s…

Walters began making his money with Computer Group, a company who analysed sports results with formulas and computers.

This played as a platform for Walters, who absolutely thrived from here on out.

With massive bets like the wager Walters placed on Super Bowl XLIV ($3.5 million) hitting, Walters quickly became enemy number one to sportsbooks.

In the prime of his sport betting career, Walters was forced to use “runners” to place his wagers for him…

as he would be denied by the bookies, who would not want to lose anymore of their money to his pockets.

His success was unheard of at the time, and was able to build his networth to an estimated value of $100 million.

Walters’ ability to have an inside edge on the action caught up to him in 2017, when he was convicted for insider trading for using non-public information on a big money stock trade.

His release is set for February of 2022.

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