Sports Betting Algorithm Software 2022.

What about sports betting algorithm software?

In the search for the holy grail of sports betting, many have tried to come up with sports prediction algorithms that lead to riches. As hypey as that sounds, it’s true nevertheless.

An unemotional wingman, who calculates and computes and simulates.

The goal of finding an edge in sports betting has become increasingly difficult as time has moved along.

Is It even still possible ?

Many people out there are wondering this very same question.

The short answer is yes… and there are many available sports algorithms, algorithms to predict NFL Games, NBA, etc that can help, though none have proved to be a magic bullet.

There are now even algorithms for esports betting, soccer betting algorithms and live betting algorithms.

Well, that’s not entirely true.

In the past, there have been many successful millionaire gamblers who have amassed fortunes using algorithms and statistical data.

I just mean that there are none openly for sale to the general public it seems.

Think about it, if they have these systems and software to beat the bookies, why would they sell it, and out their edge?

That’s something to think about anyway.

What is sports betting algorithm software?

Basically, its using historical data to make predictions. The beauty of this is that you can simulate a game many times over, to get an accurate prediction.

Other sports investing tools include score predictors, line reversal software, hedging, and odds calculators – The list goes on.

If you know what you’re doing, these tools can be of great help to a sports investor.

If you are already good at picking games, these tools can be super valuable.

Check out the latest sports score predictors here

Cons of using sports betting prediction algorithms

While the upsides outweigh the good, there are Cons for sure.

One of the biggest factors to success as a sports investor/sports bettor is money management.

You could have a 60% edge on your bets long-term and still go broke using bad money management.

Amazingly, using sharp money managing, armed with a 60% edge on your bets long term (extremely difficult), you could turn 1000 bucks into a million.

Do the math. 60% is a huge edge and could make you more wealthy than you could imagine.

So the number 1 con is, prediction algorithms alone cant make you successful.

The second con is the sheer amount of time it takes to input the data and stay ahead of the ever-changing betting landscape.

Updating systems and improving results can be more work than the average punter cares to handle.

With that being said, using a paid service can mitigate those downs.

Line Reversal software in Sports betting

Line reversal software is being used nowadays to find strange patterns in the way bookmakers are moving their line.

Usually, bookies will move the line in a way that makes sense…

For example- If there is an injury update to a superstar player that will impact the final score.

Or perhaps they have taken a huge bet, and need to level out the action.

Reverse line movement is when the line is moving in the opposite way that makes sense, according to the public betting money.

This is believed by some to mean the book has taken a bet from a pro gambler. Someone who is a known winner over the long term.

sports gambling algorithms

There are many cons to using line reversal software in my opinion.

Unless you create a way to track and test a system yourself, you’re still going to be guessing what line movements mean, and where the money is going.

For example, not all sportsbooks will move the line for the same reasons.

Some books, will move the line based on sharp action, and some will move the line for the amount of money taken by the public, and some will move the line for no reason at all, just to throw bettors of the trail.

Bob Mccune talked about this is his great yet dated sports betting book – Education of a sports bettor.

He had worked out when, in general sportsbooks were shaping the line on pro-action.

Monitoring the line at many books to see how the line is shaping

So monitoring the line movement and going with the last significant line move, proved profitable on average.

For example – If an NBA favorite line jumped from -6 to -8, go with the favorite.

Or if an NBA Total moved from 197 to 194 the UNDER would be the way to go. Bob concluded that going against the line was akin to going against the tide.

This system hit to the tune of 55% long term in its heyday. (very profitable)

Unfortunately, this didn’t last, as mentioned above, bookies started moving the lines for different reasons.

However, if you can find a book that only moves the line on sharp action, it still could be a good strategy… at least worth testing. If you’re interested, You can check out the latest line movement software here

The average punter tends to overlook these things stated above and purely rely on intuition. Intuition doesn’t pay the bills, my friends.

Rather than rely on gut feelings and wishes and dreams, do your best to use any available weapon you have against the books.

Theyre doing the same against us. Not using feeling and emotions to set the odds, but hard data.

Let’s give it to em…

Best of luck Today


Are sports betting algorithms/prediction tools are sure thing to make money ?

Think of sports betting tools as a wingman which can throw you off a few more losers and onto a few more winners. Think wise investment tool not POWERBALL jackpot.

Once again, the key as well with picking more winners than losers is money management. Even if you have tools that pick more winners you’ll go broke with poor management. Mark my words.

If you’re looking for a more sure thing type bet, the only real way is with arbitrage betting and match betting. However, this will limit the volume of which you can bet and win.

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