Best NFL Score Predictor software and algorithms in 2022.

algorithm to predict NFL games

NFL Bettors and fans have long been looking for an easier consistent way of predicting NFL games.

Specifically the final score for betting purposes.

Now, before we go into detail, I think it’s fair to say that if anyone had invented a full-proof way of predicting sports events, they wouldn’t be trying to sell it online.

Lets be real here.

They’d be tearing it up in vegas living the dream.

Although I want to be realistic, I wouldn’t start getting too negative in regard to NFL software, algorithms, and prediction models.

They absolutely have their place, and can definitely help a seasoned bettor improve his game and increase that bottom line.

The important take away here is – If you lack disciple to manage your money, no score predictor can help you.

You’ll eventually end up back at square one, even if your picking more winners than losers.

How do NFL score predictors work?

They typically work much the same as any other prediction model.

Taking historical facts into account, games are simulated many thousands of times to predict an outcome to a reasonable percentage.

One thing that has always fascinated me, is that even though we have come so far with technology and science, there aren’t many people who’ve been able to crack the code, sports betting-wise.

There are many reasons for this, everything is much harder than it seems.

But Bettors, even when blessed with an edge, tend to get greedy and bet with emotion. Eventually landing themselves back in the loser’s circle.

There are however a few exceptions.

Bill walters the famous sports bettor who is well known for making huge NFL bets, first made his fortune with the renegade sports betting team, the computer group.

The computer group was one of the first successful betting syndicates to use sports score predictors, algorithms, and software to help make betting decisions, NFL and NCAA computer picks.

This was, however, back in the eighties when computers were new kids on the block in terms of almost everything. Let alone sports betting.

Michael Kent, who was one of the co-founders, would regularly update the computer with relevant stats.

They mainly focused on college football and the NFL.

A long story short, they were able to generate millions in profit.

Is it possible that now, in 2021, there could be a way to use computers to make a fortune in online betting?

There are a few different factors that come into play here.

For one, even if you had a big edge, you would need enough outs to get all your wagers on.

And even if you could get them on, you’d need to be able to stay off the bookie’s radar whilst still cashing all the tickets, so to speak.

While it’s surely tough going, it’s not impossible.

NFL Line reversal software, for example, can give bettors an edge if they a quick enough to pounce – For a more detailed explanation on how to use sports investing tools click here now

Just remember that even with tools to help you pick a winner, you may also need a tool to help you manage that bankroll.

It’s the part in sports betting that tends to get overlooked, even though it’s the most important part.

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