What is the Best Moneyline Parlay Strategy 2022?

Best Moneyline Parlay Strategy

The parlay bet is one of the most lucrative and challenging wagers that any sports bettor will chase.

A parlay bet can include anywhere from two picks to 20-30 picks depending on your sportsbook…

With each pick adding a multiplier bonus to the winnings if all picks hit.

The upside of these parlays is the cheap cost it takes to put them in play, but the downside is the odds that are stacked against each bettor who takes a big parlay.

While hitting a parlay seems difficult, it is a feat that can be accomplished with a game plan.

This article goes into the details of a number of techniques and ways to bet multiple picks, giving you the best parlay strategies for sports betting.

5. The “Lottery Ticket” parlay

Kicking off our list of parlay tactics is the “lottery ticket” parlay.

This style of parlay betting involves loading a betting slip with a high number of moneyline picks, yielding a bet that pays out a crazy amount of money.

These types of parlays will include 10 or more picks, which typically results in a huge surge of possible profit.

Due to the high number of picks that go into this kind of parlays, they can turn a .50 cent bet into hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The problem with these bets can be found in the name.

Much like the lottery, the odds of hitting one of these “lottery ticket” parlays is very low.

Many consider big parlays like these to be sucker bets, but plenty of these small wager bets have hit before.

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4. The “Underdog-heavy” parlay

Another parlay strategy that has the potential to be profitable is the “underdog-heavy parlay”.

Simply put, this style of moneyline parlay incorporates the use of underdogs in the picks.

This strategy is most efficient for sports bettors who bet on professional sports, especially the NFL, NBA, MLB, and the UFC, as these are the sports in which underdogs have the most success.

With this type of parlay, it is possible to be more profitable as big parlays that involve taking 10+ picks with only three or four underdogs.

This is because of the payout that comes with stacking underdogs in a parlay, even if it is just a few of them.

This tactic is quite challenging, as picking out underdogs is much easier said than done.

As stated above, professional sports are the best pool to pick from with this parlay, as underdog wins are much more frequent and for the most part, predictable.

Sports bettors who are looking to hit a big “underdog heavy” parlay should aim for the months of October to January…

As the MLB, NBA, UFC, and NFL are all fully or partially active during this time of year, giving bettors a number of opportunities to make a move.

3. The “Favorites” parlay

One of the most popular types of parlays has to be the “favorites”.

This is the practice of making a parlay strictly out of moneyline favorites.

This type of parlay is the go-to for many sports bettors, as it allows the bettor to make predictable results much more profitable than they would be on their own. The

2. The “Favorites + one” parlay

Our number two moneyline parlay strategy is the “Favorites + one” technique.

This is done by stacking a number of moneyline favorites into a parlay and adding one underdog to boost the odds.

This is a method that can turn a typically low-paying parlay into a head-turning payout.

There are two aspects that go into a successful “Favorites + one” parlay.

The first thing is a solid list of favorites.

These can be heavy favorites, but these picks should stack up to 1/1 odds.

The next essential part of this parlay is having a reliable underdog for the “+ one”.

This is the most challenging but rewarding part, as the underdog odds is what makes this parlay so profitable.

1. The “Hybrid” parlay

Coming in as the best moneyline parlay strategy is the “Hybrid” parlay.

With the “Hybrid”, bettors are using aspects from all of the previous four parlay types, making up number one.

This style of parlay betting doesn’t really stick to favorites or underdogs, but instead stacks up any result, as long as that result has been studied.

A good Hybrid parlay would be able to incorporate a number of favorites along with a few profit-boosting underdog picks.

Sometimes, there is simply not enough action that will go into a parlay to make it lucrative, but that’s understandable.

It is more important to be patient and wait on favorable matchups than to try to force a moneyline parlay on results that you are unsure of.

While there is no perfect parlay formula, this style of parlay betting gives the bettor an improved shot at hitting a reasonably profitable parlay.

Quick Tips : Moneyline parlays

  • Each pick counts

Parlay bettors can often get carried away by adding additional picks to a parlay that they know little to nothing about.

While more picks do boost the profitability of the bet, each pick also adds liability to the whole parlay.

At the end of the day, it’s still about making correct sports betting picks.

Make sure that you prepare for each and every pick by studying the games in question.

Parlays can distract a sports bettor with big payouts, making them put money down on something that doesn’t really make sense.

Don’t let this be you; Instead, be extremely picky, not greedy, when putting together a moneyline parlay.

  • Timing matters

There are a number of small details that should be perfected when parlay betting, and timing of your picks is one of those things.

The timing of your parlay picks matters because if these picks are timed out correctly, then hedging these bets will be easier.

Don’t be afraid to stretch your moneyline parlay out over a few days or even weeks. 

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