What is the Biggest Parlay Ever Won?

What is the biggest parlay ever won?

Heading into Monday Night Football in Week 3 of the NFL season, a picture of a bet slip was making the rounds on social media.

The image showed a huge 20-team parlay, with 19 of the picks already completed.

This parlay combined all kinds of results, including Over/Under, spread, and moneyline bets (additional info on parlay picks can be seen here).

  The bettor had put just .89 cents on this massive parlay, but one more result to finish out his bet would bring in just over $500,000.

The last pick? A Washington Redskins win at home on Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears.

Unfortunately for that bettor, the Bears got the best of the Redskins on the night, leaving one parlay bettor absolutely heartbroken.

This nearly-legendary parlay that almost landed got us thinking about the biggest and best successful parlays in recorded gambling history.

Take a look at the top five parlays ever won.

bid winner at the sportsbook

5. 20-Team Monster Parlay

Many sportsbooks, both online and in person, will not accept parlays larger than 12 teams, and stories like this is why.

In March of 2019, multiple sports and gamlbing media outlets reported on a monster 20-team parlay ticket hitting.

A BetAmerica sportsbook in Mississippi had paid out a massive sum of $104,412 dollars to the parlay winner, but the odds is what earned this parlay the number three spot.

The bettor put down just $25, much cheaper than many parlays on this list, to place the 20-team parlay.

4. William Hill takes a parlay hit

In the Winter of the 2017 NFL season, one parlay bettor got the better of William Hill Sportsbook in Las Vegas with an astounding 12-team accumulator that would come through.

The bettor placed the $95 dollar parlay on Friday night, with the bet slip loaded with college football and NFL point spreads.

When all 12 picks hit, the bettor walked away with a cool $285,000, one of the biggest wins ever recorded on any parlay.

3. Double Trouble for sportsbook

If this list was in order from amount of money profited, the sports bettor who hit these two monster parlays would have to be ranked even higher than this.

The third spot on our list has to go to the bettor who managed to turn a $2000 investment into just over $300,000 from two parlays on the same weekend.

In the Fall of 2018, FanDuel Sportsbook Meadowlands reported one of their customers hitting two parlays, one at 90/1 odds and the other at 223/1 odds.

One parlay was 100% made up of college football spreads, while the second parlay included six college football spreads and two NBA moneyline picks.

While the odds of these parlays are much more likely than others found on this list, the amount invested in these parlays is what earns this legendary parlay bettor the number two spot on our list.

If you’re looking for more information about this bet, check out the wild parlays here.

2. Five Grand wins half-a-million

Coming in at second on our list of massive parlays is the six-team parlay that would yield a $525,867 payout from a $4,999 bet.

This parlay was made so profitable by the genius underdog picks that were added to the accumulator.

These underdog picks included taking both the Yankees and the Pirates against the favorites, along with getting the Golden State Warriors at +240 odds.

Interestingly enough, the parlays from number 3 and 2 were both cashed at the same sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook Meadowlands. For more on this massive parlay, check out the details here.

1. $5 to $100,000

Turning $5 into $100,000 is something that mostly everyone wishes they could do, but sports bettor Tayla Polia was able to make it reality.

Polia put together a 15-leg parlay, taking action on all 14 NFL games that took place on Week 15 of the 2015 season.

The picks were mostly point spreads, with one Over/Under pick in the entire parlay.

When all 15 picks came through, Polia was able to cash her legendary ticket, turning a measly $5 wager into the most profitable parlay on record. Amazing stuff.

It doesnt happen often, but it does happen.

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