What Is a Push in Betting 2022? Explained !

Push Bets Explained We answer all these questions and more today when we cover the push bet.

What is a “Push” Bet?

By definition, a push bet is an instance of a tie or draw between the sportsbook and the bettor.

The bet was not a win or a miss, but instead a stalemate that results in a refund of your wager.

When your bet pushes it is like it never even happened. All bets are void and your money is safe!

Push Bets and the Over/Under

Push bets can occur with the over/under in nearly every sport.

To understand the push, one must first understand the over/under.

Most sports bettors will know what an over/under bet is.

For those who are new, over/under betting is simply betting on how many points will be scored in a game or match.

Sportsbooks will offer an over/under the line, a predetermined number that estimates the total number of points or goals scored in the game.

If you bet the over, you are saying that you think the game or match will end with more points or goals than the over/under line predicted by the sportsbook., and visa versa for the under.

With this refresher in mind, it is essential to understand that the push can only occur when the over/under line is exactly the same as the total number of points that are actually scored in the game.

Push Bets in the NBA

Take an NBA game between the Rockets and the Warriors as an example.

Let’s say that the Rockets and Warriors are expected to score a combined point total of 233 points between them, and you like the over bet.

The push will only come into play in this case if the game ends with a scoreline that has a sum of 233.

You add up the numbers and get 233 total points.

Not over or under the 233 over/under the total, so what happens now? Pretty simple really.

If the total points scored ends on the exact same number as the over/under, the bettor will get 100% of his wager returned to his betting account. In-person betting slips and tickets can be refunded as well.

Casinos and sportsbooks are very familiar with the push bet, and will quickly reimburse bettors.

This process will be automatic when using an online sportsbook.

For a full rundown check out our guide here >>>How to Bet NBA totals

What is a push in NFL Betting ?

Let’s take a look at another example of the push bet, but this time in the NFL.

An example would be if a game between the Redskins and Cowboys had an over/under the line of 50 points.

In a back and forth game, the Redskins are able to pull out the victory by a score of 27-23.

Since this total is neither above nor below the 50 point total, the bet is considered a push, with 100% of the bet being refunded to the bettor.

Push Bets in the NHL

The same push concept can be applied to hockey as well.

As an example, the Stars and Predators playoff match has an over/under of 5.0 goals.

If the game ends in any combination of final scores that has a sum of 5.0, then a push is the outcome of the bet. All money is refunded to the bettor.

With hockey, it is important to remember that, unlike football and basketball, the over/under is finalized at the end of regulation time.

(at some bookies, so make sure to check the rules regarding regulations)

This means the if the over/under to a game between the Bruins and Blackhawks is 4.0 goals, and the game ends in a 2-2 tie, the over/under bet is decided.

The result of the bet is a push, regardless of what takes place in overtime.

This detail can confuse bettors, as it is easy to forget that hockey is different from other sports when it comes to NHL over/under betting and overtime.

As mentioned above- remember to check your bookie’s rules.

What about a push in MLB

Well a push in MLB is the same. The totals in MLB are usually set at 7 or 9 ( it can be different depending on the game) as far as unders and overs are concerned.

So again its easy. If a Total is set a 9 and the total score finishes at 9 its a push.

If its 10 or over then… the over wins. If its 8 or under then the under wins

Key Tips for Push Bets

  • Can You Push on a Parlay Bet?

When you are making a parlay, it is essential to know how the push works.

Your parlay will need every pick to be a winner, but what happens if one of your picks in the parlay turns out to be a push? Is your whole parlay cracked?

Luckily, the answer to that question is no. If you happen to have a “push” occur on one of your betting picks in your parlay, that pick is dropped from the parlay all together.

When a game in a parlay pushes, it is like the pick was never made at all.

The parlay multiplier will be adjusted accordingly, changing your payout potential as well.

Watch out for the .5

When betting on the over/under, the number will not be a whole number, but instead it will be followed by .5.

These over/under lines are impossible to push, as it is impossible to score a half of a point in any sport.

A “push” result is not ideal for sportsbooks, and this is one way that the sportsbooks will protect the event.

Pushes go for spread bets too

The push bet can be found in other types of sports bets other than over/under betting.

Those who like to bet on the spread will also run into instances of push bets.

For example, if the Houston Rockets were a (-8) point spread favorite to beat the OKC Thunder in a game that ended 115-108, then the push bet would be back in play.

Just like a push bet with an over/under bet, these spread bet pushes will also be 100% refunded to the bettor.

In conclusion, the “push” is a very simple betting term that is useful to know while sports betting.

Remember that pushes are not always bad, and that a push bet is just a tie.

All money is refunded back to the bettor, so go out, make an over/under bet,  and make use of this newfound knowledge with your favorite sportsbook today!

Push bet on a parlay ?

If a bet that is in your parlay pushes, what happens to the rest of the wagers ?

Is the entire bet void ? or does it continue on as normal, as though that bet never even happened?

Now, the correct answer is that the bet is a void bet. (Only the single bet that pushed)Meaning, it is thought the bet never even happened, and your parlay will continue as normal.


I skimmed. Is a push a loss?

No. A push is a void bet and your money is safe.

Can you push on a parlay bet?

Yes. As mentioned above. If one of your parlay selections pushes, it is though that selection was never made but the other parlay selections will be counted.

Can I push on a .5 bet ?

No. The .5 stops the occurrence of pushes. For a push to occur the odds need to be exact.

My over/under bet is exactly on the total. Is it a push?

Yes, Here is an article I wrote on this topic. What happens if the over-under is exact?

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