The Best Basketball Over/Under Calculators 2022!

Basketball Over/Under Calculators

Basketball over/under calculators you can’t miss!

When betting on sports, it is important to always try and gain an edge on the Sportsbook any way possible.

Many sports bettors have a number of tools that they use in order to obtain this edge, as these tools can go a long way in correctly predicting the outcomes of certain events.

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A popular tool that is used by a majority of basketball bettors is the Over/Under calculator.

A basketball Over/Under calculator is any point estimator that is able to compute input data and in turn give an Over/Under prediction of a basketball game.

These estimators can do the work of handicapping in seconds, saving the time of sports bettors.

A bettor will go to one of these Over/Under calculators in order to better understand where to put his/her money in order to have the best chance of winning an Over/Under bet.

How to use Basketball Over/Under Calculators

Using an Over/Under calculator is simple and easy. Simply find your favorite calculator and plug in the necessary data and voila- an Over/Under prediction will be the outcome.

This could mean different things for different calculators, but most Over/Under calculators will usually require the offensive and defensive statistics of the home and away teams.

The best Over/Under calculators are the most in-depth.

For example, a high quality Over/Under predictor would be able to compute each team by their home and away record.

This is just one of a dozen different variables that a top notch basketball Over/Under calculator will be able to compute.

basket ball over unders calculator

When to use Over/Under Calculators

Now that you know how to use an Over/Under calculator, it’s time to understand when to use this tool.

A reliable Over/Under calculator can and should be used every time any action is taken on an Over/Under line.

This does not mean that your Over/Under calculator is always predicting what you bet on. But it is wise to at least double check your bet with a reliable point predictor before putting the money down.

The best time to use an Over/Under calculator is as close to tip off as possible.

Hopefully this will allow your basketball Over/Under tool to take as many variables as possible. This includes starting lineups, injury reports, and more.

Where to find reliable Basketball Over/Under Calculators

Understanding the Over/Under calculator is just the beginning, now it is time to apply this knowledge.

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To best take advantage of an Over/Under calculator, one must find a reliable and accurate one.

While there is no perfect calculator, the Over/Under point prediction calculators listed below are examples of functioning tools that can improve your Over/Under basketball betting.

OddShark score predictor is a highly trusted name in the sports betting industry, and for good reason.

This website has a high quality basketball Over/Under calculator that is used before most, if not all, basketball games, both college and NBA.

This Over/Under calculator is a very fine tuned tool, that takes countless stats into perspective. Including the home and away team’s field goal percentages, point averages, defensive performances, and more.

High Quality Over / Under Calculator

Go with OddShark if you are looking for a high quality Over/Under calculations done for you.

basketball over unders calculator
  • is a website dedicated to those looking to get an edge on live Over/Under lines.

This type of point predictor is different than any other on the list due to the formula used.

With this tool, users simply input current point totals and how much time left to play, and the calculator does the rest.

While this tool is simple and easy to use, the results can vary. As the algorithm used by this point predictor is much less considerate of important data than it’s OddShark counterpart.


While there are plenty of Over/Under calculators that could do the work for you. There is nothing wrong with handicapping the Over/Under of a basketball game yourself.

Predicting the Over/Under is as simple as running this formula, or one of your own that is similar.

By using your own data, there is always a chance to stumble upon a unique stat or piece of info that gives you that little edge over the bookie when betting basketball Over/Unders.

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