NFL Football Handicapping Systems and Strategy 2022

About NFL Handicapping Systems

The National Football League is by far the most watched sport in the United States.

Considering this fact, it will come to no surprise to find out that the NFL is the sport that is bet on the most.

Unfortunately for sports bettors, the bookies are all over the NFL betting lines.

Football is the most profitable sport offered by sports books, with an estimated $76 million profited by bookies in 2017.

These numbers have only increased since, making the NFL one of the tougher sports to crack from a gamblers point of view. 

Despite these challenges, there are endless NFL handicapping systems out there claiming that they can improve your chances of winning, or even guaranteeing that profits will be made.

Some of these systems cost money to learn, while others are free tactics that are given out for no charge.

NFL Home Team win records

What are NFL Handicapping Systems

NFL handicapping systems are are much easier to understand than most sports bettors would think.

A handicapping system is any tactic or strategy that is used while sports betting.

Bettors who don’t use any type of handicapping systems are going into each bet or parlay without a particular idea or plan as to how they are gaining an edge.

Bettors who are looking into handicapping systems are usually next level bettors, as they have realized that just trying to pick and choose winners here and there might not be the best way to be profitable betting on sports.

These handicapping systems are all different but the same.

Most handicapping systems will attempt to earn “x” amount of money for each $100 dollars wagered.

Some handicapping systems try to manipulate the betting line movements, while others are focused solely on statistical data analysis.

Handicapping systems can use terms such as “units” when discussing how much to wager on certain games.

Do NFL Handicapping Systems Work?

A good, reliable handicapping system will bring consistent results with a repeatable process.

These types of handicapping systems are usually too good to be true, as it is quite difficult to find a system that works every time for everybody.

There are individuals who are able to make a living betting on sports though, and most of these people do follow some kind of handicapping system;

So when asking the question “do NFL handicapping systems work?”, it is always essential to specify which system, tactic, or strategy is being judged.

With that being said, it is important to clarify that It is difficult to judge the exact efficiency of handicapping systems without trying them for yourself.

Any stats or percentages that are boasted by handicapping systems can be exaggerated or even false, as it is difficult to prove or disprove these claims.

As a whole, it is safe to say that most NFL handicapping systems do not work

The proof is in the pudding with this one, as sportsbooks are the ones that come out on top year after year after year.

It’s been said that a high percentage of those who bet on sports lose money over the long term betting on sports, indicating that there aren’t that many winning handicapping systems.

The sports betting industry is a tricky one due to the value of a reliable betting system.

If a system is working, then that system’s user is much more likely go on making money betting on sports instead of selling and teaching his methods.

While this might not always be the case, it is not easy to get a winner to tell his ways.

With that being said, some of Vegas’s biggest winners have left clues of their success.

One bettor who made more than his share of profits from the Vegas bookies was Bob Voulgaris, a sharp gambler who was able to read tendencies of certain coaches and applying his own handicapping system to these reads.

While this bettor didn’t apply his strategy in the NFL notoriously, this concept of a winning strategy can be replicated.

Check out our article about reverse line movement in the NFL.

There is no reason as to why you can’t develop your own handicapping strategies and techniques.

To do this, simply break down the game from a handicapper’s point of view.

This can mean breaking down the game from any number of ways, including statistical analysis…

observational knowledge, and other variables that can have an impact on the outcome of a game.

Free NFL Handicapping System : Visiting Underdogs

Out of the dozens of NFL handicapping systems out there, one free method did stick out as a potential winner over the long term.

This system was claiming to be successful every NFL season, and has the numbers to back it up.

What is this magical betting system? It is the strategy of betting on the visiting underdogs, no matter what.

A visiting underdog is any team that is coming into an NFL game as both the betting underdog and the visiting team.

This strategy is best represented in the NFL seasons between 2007-2012.

Over this five-season span, NFL visiting underdogs registered a 170-240 record.

While this record is far under a 50% success rate, the payout of hitting a successful “visiting underdog” bet will make up for this poor record.

These “visiting underdog” lines are often between the odds of +150 to +700. Data also revealed that this tactic would have world in each of the NFL seasons between 2007-2012.

The study revealing these numbers was conducted by, and can be found here.

This tactic is in no way promising that you will profit, but it is an interesting strategy that has proven to be able to make a consistent profit for consecutive years.

While there is no 100% certain strategy to use to ensure a winning bet, there are countless handicapping systems out there.

These systems can be useful if they are executed properly, but most will need a little luck along the way.

Don’t put all your faith (and money) into one system, as there is rarely such thing as a sure bet.

Look into a few types of handicapping systems and try them out for yourself.

Many times, certain strategies can fit certain bettors more efficiently than others, so try out your own system the next time you are looking to wager on NFL Sunday!

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